One of the most frustrating aspects of wearing glasses is trying to wear them during physical activity. From yoga to contact sports, trying to keep glasses on while moving your body can be difficult and even dangerous in some cases. If you wear glasses and like to play sports or enjoy other physical activities, talk to your Orlando LASIK doctor about options. You may want to skip the glasses and switch to contact lenses or undergo LASIK surgery to improve your vision without compromising your eye health.

Despite inconvenience and annoyance, wearing glasses is generally safe and fine for many sports including tennis, cycling, and golf. For hockey, if you wear a goalie mask, you can often fit either glasses or other protective eyewear under the mask. If you play sports regularly and intensely, tell your eye doctor about your plans. Glasses for sports should be more durable than your usual eyewear, which is mainly chosen for aesthetics. Glasses for sports should be made with unbreakable material to help protect you and them from an impact. A sturdy frame will also help keep them on your face and safe from damage.

Water sports such as water polo, surfing, and sailing are often better with contact lenses paired with protective eyewear, such as sports goggles. Many people that enjoy these sports often look into LASIK as an option to avoid the hassle, inconvenience and possible damage from impact and water on corrective lenses.

Wearing corrective lenses doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite activities. You can work with your Orlando LASIK doctor to find a solution that works best for you.

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