When most people are asked to think of a sport that requires outstanding vision, the first thing that usually pops into their mind is golf. Let’s face it, a small ball being hit into the air and hopefully landing near a small hole in the ground (or hopefully in the hole) requires excellent vision (Props to the amazing blind golfers who play with audio assistance devices, by the way!). If you are a golfer who wears glasses or contacts, then you are more than aware of the problems they cause during your game. Orlando ophthalmologist, Doc Brock Magruder, wants you to explore your options to correcting your vision and, subsequently, improving your golf game.

Have you experienced your glasses slipping down your nose as you attempt to line up your shot? So, you have to push them back up, and then you smudge the lens, so THEN you have to take off your glove to clean the lenses? What about when the wind picks up a little, and your contact lenses get dry or debris gets stuck between the lens and your eye? Do you have to put on readers to mark your score on the scorecard? Can you see the pin clearly?

“None of these scenarios have to happen to you if you are willing to have an eye examination and explore what corrective vision treatment might be best for you,” explains Doc Brock. “A thorough eye examination may lead you to vastly improved, clearer vision and to ditch the glasses and contact lenses for years to come. You have nothing to lose, you are taking care of your eye health, and you may have everything to gain!”

That’s exactly why so many well-known and respected golfers have chosen to have laser vision correction. Tiger Woods, Mike Weir, Dottie Pepper, Rory McIlroy, and Lydia Ko are just a small representation of the professional golfers who extol the praises of having their vision restored by laser vision correction procedures. All of them have reported improved vision that provides them the freedom of play without the clumsiness of assistive lenses. Golf is a game that requires precise vision – there is no escaping that fact.

As the leading Orlando ophthalmologist, Doc Brock wants your eyes to be healthy and for you to have fantastic vision. He will meet with you personally to discuss any concerns you might have about your eye health and in determining which vision correction procedure is right for you. Your initial consultation is just an email or phone call away. Contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665, and you’ll learn why Doc Brock and the amazing staff at Magruder Laser Vision make your eyes a priority and your golf game something to be proud of! Magruder Laser Vision- Correcting Eyes – Changing Lives!