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From LASIK, Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), to custom Laser Cataract Surgery, Magruder Laser Vision utilizes the latest techniques and the most sophisticated instruments to provide you with a personalized experience.

LASIK And Cataract Surgery at Magruder Laser Vision

Discover A Whole New World With 20/20 Vision

Imagine that you wake up, smack the alarm into silence, open your eyes – and grin with giddy satisfaction. Mornings are better than ever now because you no longer have to fumble for your glasses or stumble to the bathroom and put in contacts.
Life-changing, right? Our solutions can make this dream a reality for you.

Getting Clear Vision
Has Never Been Easier

The staff at Magruder Laser Vision is prepared to educate you through each step of the process to finally craft the vision you deserve. LASIK and Vision Correction are associated with a lot of conflicting information. We are experts, and we will curate the information that relates to your particular case.

Our 3 Most Common Procedures

Let Us Guide You On The Path To Visual Freedom

Magruder Laser Vision provides freedom, comfort, and confidence with the nation’s top laser vision correction procedures that have the highest levels of precision, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Let Us Guide You On The Path To Visual Freedom With LASIK And Cataract Surgery at Magruder Laser Vision

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. George Brock Magruder Jr., Dr. Michael J. Shumski, Dr. Kyle Callaway, Dr. Joel Hunter, and Dr. Nhat Nguyen are here to serve all your vision correction needs.

Dr. Michael J. Shumski

Dr. Kyle Callaway

Dr. G Brock Magruder Jr.

Dr. Nhat Nguyen

Dr. Joel Hunter

Dr. Leslie Callaway

Experience You Can Trust

Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young
Dr. Shumski, Johnathan and the rest of the staff has made this a very pleasurable experience for someone that was hesitant. A very pleasurable experience, I would highly recommend them.
Jon Casanova
Jon Casanova
I had the pleasure of experiencing the excellence of Mcgruder Laser Vision’s service and it was absolutely outstanding. From my initial interaction with Anna, Dr. Hunter, and the welcoming staff, they are truly 5-Stars hands down! Clean office, high tech equipment, and everyone is very knowledgeable to level of expertise. Well done Dr. Hunter and Dr. Magruder with your ensemble practice.
Breanna Smith
Breanna Smith
It's been almost three months since I had LASIK with Dr. Shumski and it's been great! I was seeing 20/15 the day after surgery. The surgery itself was so much easier than I was expecting, and over in the blink of an eye (pun intended). Dr. Shumski and the entire staff were incredibly kind and professional, and answered all of my questions, never making me feel rushed or a burden. They also run like a machine! I've barely waited at any of the appointments I've had. I still have some minor dryness in my eyes, but it's easily resolved with eye drops. Highly recommend!
Deborah in the Clouds
Deborah in the Clouds
I am happy with the results of my cataract surgery. Dr. Shumski and staff were as professional as I expected. It's been many years since I was able to do anything without glasses. The minor astigmatism remaining with one eye is not too noticeable. I love having peripheral vision which I did not have when wearing progressive glasses. This was in June and I do not notice any complications. I have one regret. I was not able to get the multifocal lens implant due to corneal irregularities and I opted for the far vision correction on both eyes. The mono vision was discussed with me. I did not think I could handle having one eye corrected for near vision and one for far vision. My degree of presbyopia before lens implant was not too bad yet - I could still hold something up close to my eyes and read small print. I did not realize how losing this near vision would impact my work life, reading, going to the store. etc. This has been an ongoing adjustment with reading glasses - now trying a bifocal! So, if you are offered this option, please take the time to consider it, as you could do away with glasses entirely. Thank you to Ayesha who made sure her measurements were close to perfect as she could get (I appreciate you).
Rimaggio Candeli
Rimaggio Candeli
I had cataracts surgery with Dr. Shumski 10 days ago. From the outset, his team has been most pleasant and accommodating in preparation for my surgery, on the day of the operation, and during the follow up visit. These courtesies extended to my wife, who accompanied me when I was not able to drive. But my special thanks go to Dr. Shumski for answering all my questions to my satisfaction and accommodating my desires for a type of sedation different than originally planned. Incredible, outstanding experience.

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