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From LASIK, Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), to custom Laser Cataract Surgery, Magruder Laser Vision utilizes the latest techniques and the most sophisticated instruments to provide you with a personalized experience.

LASIK And Cataract Surgery at Magruder Laser Vision

Discover A Whole New World With 20/20 Vision

Imagine that you wake up, smack the alarm into silence, open your eyes – and grin with giddy satisfaction. Mornings are better than ever now because you no longer have to fumble for your glasses or stumble to the bathroom and put in contacts.
Life-changing, right? Our solutions can make this dream a reality for you.

Getting Clear Vision
Has Never Been Easier

The staff at Magruder Laser Vision is prepared to educate you through each step of the process to finally craft the vision you deserve. LASIK and Vision Correction are associated with a lot of conflicting information. We are experts, and we will curate the information that relates to your particular case.

Our 3 Most Common Procedures

Let Us Guide You On The Path To Visual Freedom

Magruder Laser Vision provides freedom, comfort, and confidence with the nation’s top laser vision correction procedures that have the highest levels of precision, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Let Us Guide You On The Path To Visual Freedom With LASIK And Cataract Surgery at Magruder Laser Vision

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. George Brock Magruder Jr., Dr. Michael J. Shumski, Dr. Kyle Callaway, Dr. Joel Hunter, and Dr. Nhat Nguyen are here to serve all your vision correction needs.

Dr. Michael J. Shumski

Dr. Kyle Callaway

Dr. G Brock Magruder Jr.

Dr. Nhat Nguyen

Dr. Joel Hunter

Dr. Leslie Callaway

Experience You Can Trust

Victoria Reviel
Victoria Reviel
Dr. Michael J. Shumski MD, MSE at Magruder Laser Vision and his team are the BEST! I had an emergency detached retina in 2023, I was told I would need cataract surgery within 2 years. I was referred to Dr. Shumski....all I can say is Thank you, Thank you so much, I felt important, cared about at ease, painless and the attention to every detail was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I highly recommend Dr. Shumski and his team.
The staff here are absolutely incredible and the office is so clean. The professionalism of the staff and the organization of this office really gave me to confidence to do LASIK. I have always wanted this procedure, but was scared and I finally realized how safe LASIK is and it has changed my life. I can now see without glasses. Before, I couldn’t see when I showered because if I wore glasses they would fog up. Also, I couldn’t see the TV and I couldn’t read signs on the road without glasses before LASIK. I can’t recommend Magruder enough, this procedure improved my quality of life. The world was so blurry to me before. I am no longer dependent on glasses every moment I am awake. Thank you Magruder for a 5 star experience.
Holly Rogers
Holly Rogers
I am approaching the 3 month mark since my first eye cataract surgery performed by Dr Shumski and could not be happier with my now 20/20 monovision results after contact lens wear for half a century! I wholeheartedly recommend Magruder Laser Vision. It takes a village of empathetic office support and a team of caring, skilled, talented, professional people to have these fine results happen for so many patients. My continued heartfelt thanks to all of you at the Par Avenue office for being a part of my vision for the rest of my life.
Dee NDee
Dee NDee
Cannot say enough good things about my cataract surgery experience at the College Park office. The staff was knowledgeable and caring every step of the way, from the first assessment appointment through the post-operative checkups. Dr. Hunter performed the procedure, but the entire team was exceptional and helps put you at ease.
Old Ranger
Old Ranger
For the results-oriented? I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to read the show crawlers, texts in mid-show, or subtitles during Shogun with crystal clarity from across the room again. I don't need contacts or glasses to read anything now...not books, not newsprint, and no cheating by blowing up the font on my MacBook either. And for the personal care-oriented? From Dr. Shumski to my concierge Vanessa, to the endless cast of techs and doctors who monitored my progress, to the charming front desk crew that put up with my Lieutenant "Just one more thing..." Columbo-isms, I have nothing but the highest praise. Thanks for taking care of an old saddle tramp like me. Rick Camarata
Shirley Martin
Shirley Martin
I really appreciate them. Johnathan, Dr. Shumski and the rest are the best! I went to the Lake Mary office, but all of their offices are excellent!
Charles Roper
Charles Roper
MLV staff and Dr. Shumski walked me through the lens selection process after a detailed and comprehensive scanning of my eyes. The technology is amazing used for scanning the eye very detailed and accurate. We talked through options in lens choices for implanting into my eyes, once my cataract lenses were removed. Wanting to do some additional research I took the information provided and spent some time researching. Eventually deciding to go with enhanced monofocal intraocular lenses. Dr Shumski wanted to do my lenses separately as he believed I had an excellent chance at great vision again. We did the first lens (dominate eye) in December 2023 and the results were amazing. The change in brightness was confounding at first. Best way I could describe having one lens completed and the other not was the difference between a soft white light bulb and a daylight light bulb. I had no clue that my vision was tinted as yellow and dim as it was until the new lens was in place. I found myself winking from one eye to the other checking the difference in different lighting environments. We waited 4 weeks between surgeries with two interim visits one as a follow-up immediately after the surgery to be sure everything was settling in properly. The other about 10 days out from my 2nd surgery. We discussed again an idea Dr Shumski presented earlier of shortening the focus distance of my non dominate eye just slightly shorter than the dominate eye. After seeing the excellent results on my dominant eye, being able to read my cell phone with extended arms with ease and distance being clear I concurred with Dr Shumski and we slightly adjusted the focus distance of the 2nd eye. I can now clearly read the fine print on documents and see in the distance clearly. My family jokes around that I now have my eagle eye vision restored. Is it perfect no but I don't need any corrective lenses and I am back doing all the things I was doing before with no restrictions. I found all of the staff attentive and caring. Life is good. Thank you Charles R
I’m extremely pleased that I chose Magruder for my vision correction surgery. Everyone from my preoperative concierge Morgan to my surgeon Dr. Shumski, and my postoperative care with Dr. Calloway, has been amazing. I opted for lens replacement versus traditional lasik and soon after, my vision was perfect in ideal lighting, but I had some issues with driving at night and 60 days after my surgery I started to see some halos. These were all potential side effects that were explained to me in my preoperative consultation that could be addressed with a YAG laser treatment. I had my YAG treatment soon after 90 days from my surgery and within 8 hours, as soon as the dilation wore off, the halos were gone and my night driving is back to perfect. All of my follow up care, including the YAG laser treatment, has been included in my initial payment. So glad I did not go to some discount “drive-through” LASIK shop.
Michelle Mamby
Michelle Mamby
Staff is friendly and courteous. The company is busy but thorough
Rachel Hand
Rachel Hand
I greatly enjoyed my experience here. I felt they were very professional and did a great job. I definitely recommend coming here and getting lasik done if you are thinking about it.

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