Children who grow up wearing glasses may want to switch to contact lenses as they become teenagers. Teens are notoriously self-conscious about appearance, and contact lenses can help them feel more confident. Contact lenses can also eliminate or reduce having broken glasses on the playground and glasses getting left behind at various events and activities. The team of experts at Magruder Laser Vision have been teaching parents and teens about contact lens care options for decades.


There’s no definitive minimum age limit for wearing contact lenses. Contact lens care requires responsibility and discipline, so if you feel your child is responsible enough to commit to contact lens care, then they are old enough to try contact lenses.

The Best Lenses for Teens

Your teen’s unique vision requirements will guide your eye doctor to recommend the best lenses for your teen. Sometimes, a process of trial and error will also determine the lenses that are ultimately the best fit. This may include daily options or options that require additional care. Clean lenses are key to preventing eye health problems, such as infections.

Contact Lens Care

Some contact lenses are known as “dailies,” because they are disposable on a daily basis and require little maintenance. For this reason, they are often recommended for teens. However, if your teen has certain vision issues or sensitivities, they may not be suitable. Other lenses are meant to last a week, two weeks, and sometimes longer. These types of lenses require daily cleaning with lens solution and storage. Your eye doctor will provide instructions according to the type of lenses they prescribe for your teen.

LASIK Alternative

Older teens may be candidates for LASIK. As a college graduation present, this treatment is a great way to save money on contact lenses and supplies before heading off to adulthood.

Find out more about whether your teen could benefit from contact lenses or LASIK with a consultation at Magruder Laser Vision.

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