Ahh, summer in Florida! The pool invites you to dive in, your boat is ready to hit the water, and you have your glove oiled for your favorite summer sport, baseball. Unfortunately, it seems whatever activity you enjoy outside is hindered by wearing glasses. Even a walk around the block can become dangerous if sweat drips on your glasses and you can no longer see the break in the sidewalk. Doc Brock, the Orlando ophthalmologist at Magruder Laser Vision, can help you enjoy your summer activities more with a corrective eye procedure that will keep you playing strong for decades to come.

  • Water Sports

Glasses and water sports simply do not mix. If you have forgotten to remove your glasses while swimming, chances are they landed at the bottom of the pool when you dove in. If they did manage to remain affixed to your noggin, the water streaming down either surface made it impossible to see through the lenses anyway. Swimming and surfing in a marine environment is even more detrimental since waves from the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean can easily tear your glasses from your face. Contacts are slightly more adept to water until you open your eyes inadvertently and your lens floats innocently away.

  • Wind-Related Sports

Wind is a natural enemy to poor eyesight. Both glasses and contacts are no match to the shearing winds you experience while skydiving, riding in a powerboat, sailing, or skimming around in the water on a waverunner. Turning your head causes contacts and glasses to sail behind you, never to be seen again.

  • Baseball

The Boys of Summer will soon dot the diamond, waiting for pop flies and line drives. Playing baseball while wearing glasses is uncomfortable because of the constant stream of sweat pouring from your brow and fogging your lenses. Even worse, if your glasses are hit with a ball, the impact may damage your eye. Contacts are preferred for sports, but if a player from the opposing team slides into first and a cloud of dust and line chalk follows him, the debris can land in your eye and either damage your contact or become lodged between your cornea and your contact lens, causing extreme pain.

Learn the correct eyewear recommended for your favorite outdoor sport, or make this summer your best ever with a trip to Magruder Laser Vision to consult with Doc Brock and his staff about the possibility of a laser eye procedure to enhance your vision and put you back into your favorite sport. Call 407-843-5665 to schedule a free consultation with our Orlando ophthalmologist, and read our blogs for information on the latest in laser procedures to correct your vision.