Doc Brock and Dr. Mike have noticed some patterns over the years. Although nearly everyone hates wearing glasses and fussing with contacts, not everyone gets LASIK. Understandably, LASIK can be important if you have a job that requires reading, writing, or working close-up with fine detail. Take a look at the jobs that are best suited for LASIK and why you might need it more than you think:


In the healthcare industry, people depend on you to read charts, write prescriptions, and care for the ill. Whether you’re a doctor or an assistant, LASIK surgery can make it easier for you to read small print easily and more accurately than trying to fuss with glasses.


If you spend time at a cash register, staring at a screen and poring over numbers, then you’re a good candidate. Using a screen takes a toll on your eyes and glasses can be unwieldy. Undergoing LASIK surgery can help ensure accuracy in your orders, whether it is stocking shelves or selling items.

Food Service

Whether you work in the kitchen measuring ingredients, or stay in the front of the house taking orders and creating customer bills, undergoing LASIK can help you stay sharp. Don’t forget or replace an ingredient again, keep your measuring skills up to par and don’t even think of giving a customer the wrong change!

Office Staff

Lawyers, support staff, and managers tend to spend a lot of time staring at screens, filing, going over expense reports and other materials. If you work in an office, then make sure your vision isn’t holding you back from missing the details.

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