Magruder Laser Vision, we treat a wide array of patients, and athletes are no exception.

After all, glasses and contacts can have a serious effect on your sports game, whether you’re on the court, the field, the track, or in the pool. Here are five great reasons for athletes to consider LASIK surgery in Orlando:

5 Lasik Surgery Benefits

  1. Improved Cleanliness: Playing sports can be a messy business. In fact, dirt and dust can easily wind up entering the eyes, impeding vision and causing discomfort. If you can’t get to a bathroom right away, these particles can even become trapped under contacts and cause genuine damage to your eyes. With LASIK, you can say goodbye to contacts and trapped grime.

  2. More Options: Certain sports, like martial arts, don’t allow their participants to don eyewear. Undergoing a LASIK procedure in Orlando gives athletes more options when it comes to choosing their choice of sports to participate in.

  3. Protection in Collisions: Collisions are unavoidable in contact sports like football and soccer. If you wear contacts, you risk one becoming dislodged during a brush up with another player. Similarly, it’s all too easy for glasses to fall and get trampled. With LASIK, athletes can play hard without worrying about accidents ruining their play.

  4. No More Goggles: Athletes with less-than-stellar vision often turn to goggles to help them see. However, goggles aren’t just uncomfortable; they also affect peripheral vision, a fact that makes them a poor choice for certain games.

  5. Superior Play: In the competitive world of athletics, individuals need to be able to rely on their vision and trust their hand-eye coordination to succeed. Unfortunately, those of us who see less than 20/20 may find our performances limited thanks to our reliance on glasses and contacts. With LASIK surgery in Orlando, you can improve your eyesight and your skills.

Improve Your Performance On and Off the Field

Athletes need to ensure that they are making time for what’s important, which is focusing on training, conditioning, and competing. Don’t spend your precious time on the field trying to get the dirt and grass out of your eyes, and start focusing on your craft. The team at Magruder Laser Vision has worked with thousands of athletes in their quest to achieve clearer vision and improve their performance. Make an appointment online now for a complimentary LASIK consultation, and together, we can determine the best way to improve your eyesight so you can focus on improving your game.

If you’re an athlete interested in LASIK in Orlando or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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