Have you ever considered the risks of wearing contact lenses? Probably not, but a recent study compared laser eye correction and contact lens applications. Of the two, it was noted by Oregon Health and Science University researchers that an eye correction procedure was safer than wearing contact lenses long term. Magruder Laser Vision’s Orlando ophthalmologists would like you to consider the advantages of LASIK when compared to wearing contacts.

Vision Loss Tied to Extended-Wear Contact Lenses

Patients wearing extended-wear contact lenses who sleep in their contacts – as anticipated – suffered more instances of vision loss than patients who underwent LASIK corrective procedures.

This is not your mother’s LASIK!

Modern advanced LASIK vision correction is better, safer and more predictable than even ten years ago. For example, night vision issues that were fairly common in LASIK’s early days are now less common than those with glasses and contacts.

Contacts are Bacteria Hosts

Many people cannot clean and disinfect their fingers every time they insert, remove, or correct their contacts. Any bacteria, virus, or debris lurking between the ridges of fingertips is easily passed from finger to eye. If the microorganism lands on the surface of the eye, the contact may cover it and prove the perfect terrarium for growth.

Overtime, LASIK is More Affordable

Cost is a concern for most patients, and the treatment for LASIK in a one-time payment keeps many patients clinging to their contacts. However, comparing the one-time per-eye charge with a lifetime of purchasing contacts, paying for emergency exams when contacts pass an infection to your cornea, and paying for cases, saline solution, and other necessities inevitable with contacts suddenly brings the cost for LASIK more in line. The average cost for contact lenses over the course of a year is $240, not including solutions, exams, and extenuating circumstances where contacts must be replaced due to damage.

Earlier Action is Better

Pricing out the total charges, it will take approximately 8-10 years to pay for LASIK. Low monthly payments can make LASIK affordable now, and these payments, unlike those for contacts, stop! You could wait and save your money, or you could be seeing the world with much closer to perfect vision by calling Orlando ophthalmologist Doc Brock. The sooner you act, the less money you will spend over time in your attempt to see the world more clearly.

When comparing contacts to LASIK, one of the biggest considerations is convenience. Waking up and being able to see the clock, sun shining through the window, and the sweet baby in the bassinet next to your bed is reason enough to appreciate LASIK vision correction. Knowing your decision will lead to savings in eye care over time will help your decision to contact the Orlando ophthalmologist, Doc Brock, at Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665. Read about all aspects of LASIK corrective procedures on our blog.