Our Obsession with Spotting “The Deal”

Today, we all seem to be hunting for “the deal.” Consignment stores, online discount sites and even garage sales are all the rage these days. Maybe this goes back to our primal survival instincts, or maybe the recent events have made us more conscious with our spending.

Either way, looking for a bargain is great for items like clothes and kitchen appliances. If they break or stop working, you just throw them away and go back on the hunt. The same cannot be said when you are shopping for vision correction care.

Safe Ways to Lower Your LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

I can’t imagine clipping a coupon for a heart surgeon or an OB-GYN. So why will people do this when searching for a LASIK Surgeon? These are your eyes and you only have two. It pays to do your homework. Most towns have several clinics, so you should compare each based on several factors.

If you devote a little time to this screening process, you can have a “deal” on your LASIK eye surgery cost by finding the best quality professional at the best price. Never evaluate a doctor on price alone. In the medical field, you generally pay for what you get. A “cheap” eye doctor could potentially cost you far more than you ever imagined.

Finding the Best LASIK Eye Surgery Doctor for Your Money

Finding the best LASIK eye surgery doctor isn’t always fast or easy. He or she probably won’t be the cheapest, but you may not end up paying the most either. The laser eye surgery cost can vary significantly among practices. Some practices even offer convenient financing options. Start with talking to friends who may have had the surgery and ask them who did their surgery. Find out their opinion of the doctor, staff and practice. Did they get the results promised?

Another great reference is the doctor who has been prescribing your glasses and contacts. Sometimes they even work with a reputable surgeon. Once you find a practice that you like, consider other factors like doctor experience, how long the practice has been around and online patient ratings.

Questions about LASIK we didn’t answer? You can always schedule your priority consultation with Dr. Michael J. Shumski, Dr. Joel Hunter, and Dr. Jeffrey B. Robin at Magruder Laser Vision to learn more about taking the first step to freedom from the hassle of glasses and contacts. Book online now or call us at 407-843-5665 for more information.