Light Adjustable Lens: Achieve Optimal & Customized Vision After Your Procedure

Whether you are diagnosed with a cataract or you’ve started heading down the presbyopia road to readers, you might be a great candidate to get out of glasses and contacts for good. If you are considering a vision correction procedure, you may want to look at getting a light adjustable lens rather than a traditional intraocular (artificial) lens.

What Is a Light Adjustable Lens?

The light adjustable lens from RxSIGHT is the first-ever developed intraocular lens that allows your eye doctor to optimize and customize your vision after your procedure. The benefit to this is that it gives you the unique ability to preview and adjust how you want your vision to be after surgery, ensuring that your vision outcome matches your lifestyle requirements.

Normally, with lens surgery, your surgeon will try to predict how a certain type of IOL (artificial lens) will perform in your eye before surgery, opting to give you the IOL that will provide you with the best-predicted outcome. Unfortunately, this means not everyone who undergoes lens surgery is completely happy with their vision after the fact. With the light adjustable lens, this is no longer the case.

How Is Customization Achieved?

To achieve a customized and optimal vision outcome, the light adjustable lens is created from a unique photosensitive material that changes when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Your eye doctor will allow you to trial and compare possible vision outcomes (custom prescriptions), until you find one that best fits your desired lifestyle requirements.

Once you have settled on a custom prescription that you are happy with, your eye doctor will use a Light Delivery Device (LDD) to set the shape, and power of your light adjustable lens.

What You Need to Know About Light Delivery Device Treatments

The Light Delivery Device treatments are non-invasive and deliver direct ultraviolet light to your light adjustable lens right in the doctor’s office. The entire system allows for there to be adjustments and refinements made until you reach the desired vision outcome. It takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks to reach your vision goals and about 2-4 light treatments in total. A baseline light treatment schedule is as follows:

  1. Initial Light Treatment: 2-3 weeks after cataract surgery.
  2. Secondary Light Treatment: 1-week after initial light treatment.
  3. Refinement Light Treatment: 1-week after each prior light treatment.

What Can I Expect After Light Adjustable Lens Surgery?

After your procedure and implantation, you will need to schedule several appointments with your eye doctor, so they can work with you to optimize your vision through the Light Delivery Device system. These ultraviolet (UV) light treatments are non-invasive and will occur every few days after the initial treatment.

You will be expected to wear UV-blocking glasses until your light treatments are fully complete and your ideal vision prescription has been reached. This means you’ll need to begin wearing them after lens implantation for all waking hours, up until 24 hours after your last light treatment. This ensures that your light adjustable lens is protected from other indoor/outdoor sources of ultraviolet (UV) light. This is critical, as other sources of light could cause uncontrolled changes to the lenses.

Who is a Good Candidate for Light Adjustable Lens?

If you are preparing to undergo lens surgery, and have pre-existing astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea) of 0.75 diopters or more, you are a good candidate for a light adjustable lens by RxSIGHT. If you are considering the light adjustable lens, please contact us to learn more about the benefits and risks associated with vision correction and RxSIGHT light adjustable lenses.