If you’ve been wearing contact lenses for years, then it’s probably time to switch to another method to improve your vision. Eye Surgeon Orlando practitioners are experts at finding solutions for their patients to help them avoid side effects from prolonged contact use.

Contacts are designed to help you see better, but certain practices can leave your sight vulnerable to diseases and infections. Eyes need oxygen to breathe and remain healthy. Wearing contacts for too long blocks airflow to your eyes and can result in serious eye health issues. If you do any of the following with your contact lenses, you risk getting a serious bacterial infection:

  • Wearing your contacts overnight

  • Not disinfecting your contacts thoroughly

  • Not disinfecting your lens case thoroughly

  • Using water instead of solution to disinfect or store your contacts

  • Using lens solution that looks unclean or foggy

  • Adding to your solution, rather than dumping it out and refilling each time

Keep an eye on any common symptoms of infections:

  • Eye pain

  • Blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity

  • Red eyes

  • Irritated eyes

  • Eye discharge

To avoid eye infections and more serious vision problems, wear and care for your lenses according to your doctor’s orders. This typically means only wearing your lenses for a certain number of hours a day and taking them out before sleeping. Seeing your vision specialist for routine checks will help make sure that your eyes remain problem free

Years of contact use can make you more prone to infection, so it’s smart to wear glasses every once in awhile to allow your eyes to breathe. If wearing contacts becomes too time-consuming or difficult to maintain for your lifestyle, consider consulting an eye surgeon in Orlando for alternatives to contact lenses.

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