When it comes to laser eye surgery, we understand that you may be looking at your slim budget and scratching your head at how you’re going to afford it as a college student. Between tuition payments, books, and meal plans, you have likely ruled out laser eye surgery. But, a slim budget doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on better eyesight.

Here is how laser eye surgery can increase your quality of life now and a few ways you can use it to make it more affordable. 

How Laser Eye Surgery Can Improve Your College Life

While you may be used to the hassles that come with glasses and contact lenses, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. Laser eye surgery can have a major impact on how you positively interact with your class schedule, study time, and sense of self. 

Remove Small Struggles With Your Class Schedule 

  1. Streamline Your Mornings. Running late for that dreadful early morning class? No more fumbling with glasses or dealing with contact lens insertion. Instead, you can bank in an extra few winks of sleep and then get up and go with a streamlined morning.
  2. Stop the Replacement Scramble.  Nothing is worse than running out of contact lenses without more on the way. And, if you send them to an old address, you’re waiting even longer. If your glasses break, they must be repaired, which can take a few days or longer. Eliminate this hassle. 
  3. Reduce Your Bathroom Time. Contacts require you to wash your hands and use a sterile solution on them, but if you’re sharing a bathroom or using the dorm facilities, this routine can become difficult really fast. 

Gain Clear Vision for Studying & Fun

  1. No More Front Seat Sitting in Class. Sit anywhere in class and take your notes or view presentations with ease. Plus, no more squinting through your glasses when looking through a microscope in science class.
  2. Enjoy Clear Vision After a Long Night Out. Leaving contacts in all night long is bad for your eyes and losing your glasses means waiting forever for a replacement pair. Now those long nights out can be stress-free with clear vision.
  3. Enjoy Spontaneous Trips Without Worry. Say yes to spontaneous road trips or excursions without worrying about packing enough contact lenses or breaking your glasses. 

Make Looking Good, Easy!

  1. Make Accessorizing Easier. Ever tried to wear sunglasses over prescription glasses? Yeah, it’s not a great look. And getting sand in your contact lenses during a day at the beach sucks. Make accessorizing easier without worrying about your vision.
  2. Apply Makeup Without Smashing Your Face into the Mirror. Makeup wearers with nearsighted vision know just how difficult it can be to apply makeup when your face is mushed up to the mirror. You deserve to be comfortable when getting ready for the day.
  3. Participate in Outdoor Exercise With Ease. Get out there and enjoy the surf or go for a long hike without worrying about your vision. 

Tips to Make Laser Eye Surgery More Affordable for Your Student Budget

If you have a rather slim student budget, the upfront cost of laser eye surgery can feel impossible to fit in.  But, there are a few ways that you can use to help make it more affordable. 

  1. Leverage your FSA or HSA benefits.  Leveraging FSA and HSA benefits for laser vision correction can be a great way to save money and achieve your vision goals. They reduce taxable income while helping to ensure that medical costs not covered by insurance are still covered.
  2. Consider financing options.  We have partnerships in place with medical lenders to help people like you get the surgery you want and need. We offer monthly financing options for laser eye surgery, just give us a call and ask.

If you’d like to know more about laser eye surgery or have specific questions about it, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.