Traffic in Orlando is a given. Maneuvering from one city block to another may take fifteen minutes when roads are overcrowded. Life would be so much simpler if more people rode to work on bicycles instead of cars. Strap on your helmet – and sunglasses – as you hit the neighborhoods and back roads of Central Florida. The Orlando ophthalmology team at Magruder Laser Vision has tips to protect your eyes as you cycle.

  • Biking in Florida during the heat of the day is not nearly as pleasant as early morning or evening bike rides. While you miss the spike in temperature by biking in the morning, you have small insects that seem to aim for your face. If you have ever been pinged in the eye by a no-see-um, you know a quality pair of wrap-around sunglasses during the journey is essential.
  • Tree-lined streets are fantastic riding venues. The picturesque lanes harbor an unseen danger, though. As light filters through the leafy boughs of the trees, your eyes have to constantly adjust from bright light to shade. Sunglasses even out the intense lighting changes, allowing you to note oncoming squirrel and canine traffic that tends to ignore you.
  • Visors on helmets are a great benefit when sunlight is bearing down on you. If you ride home or to a restaurant for lunch, be sure to add overhead protection to keep light from streaming in between your sunglasses and your eyes.
  • Riding along the water is soothing. Watching the pelicans dive in for a bite to eat is mesmerizing. Squinting through the glare from the water is irritating. Invest in lenses that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays. If you ride a route that involves shiny, broad surfaces that catch and reflect sunlight, such as water or massive car lots (you can laugh as you pass), opt for polarized lenses.
  • If your bike rides are long, fast, and intense, wear a safety helmet. Before purchasing the perfect pair of riding glasses, bring in your helmet to ensure the glasses fit snugly and properly beneath the helmet. Wraparound glasses are preferred to keep sunlight at any angle from penetrating your eye’s lenses and to broaden your field of vision. Find a design that fits your face by trying them on and looking down. No matter how good the glasses look, if they fall off, they are not the right fit.

The climate in Florida is generally agreeable to bike rides any season. If you find your glasses or contacts are impeding your bike rides, contact the Orlando ophthalmology experts at Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for a LASIK eye procedure. Viewing Florida’s glorious greenery after LASIK will completely take your breath away… just remember to watch the road for those squirrels that simply can’t make up their minds which direction to run. Our past blogs explain many procedures and offer tips on eye care.