While some people simply have an aversion to night driving, many people feel they are taking their lives in their hands when they venture across town after dusk. What causes the difficulty of night driving as we age? The Orlando LASIK expert, Doc Brock, has seen patients with several unique experiences who have dealt with night driving aversion. Read below for the cause of many of these disorders.


The buildup of debris within your lens can cause it to become more opaque as you age. This causes lights to appear with halos around them and your vision may become blurry. Replacing the damaged lens with a lens of your prescription will allow you to see more clearly almost immediately.

Lack of Vitamin A and Zinc

Vitamin A supports retinal health. Zinc increases vitamin A’s capacity to work. While most Americans consume enough of both, those with health issues that do not allow proper absorption of nutrients – Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, or any type of digestive bypass procedure – may experience a deficiency in many vitamins and nutrients. This proves that the old adage is correct, eating more carrots that are high in vitamin A can help your night vision.

Diabetes Mellitus

An excess of blood sugar over a number of years damages both the blood vessels and nerves inside the eye. Diabetes can result in early or accelerated cataract formation. When a cataract develops, light becomes scattered, and often results in glare and haloes. The ophthalmologists at Magruder are experts in cataract surgery and the safest and most effective modern techniques for fixing this problem.

Have the Orlando LASIK experts at Magruder examine your eyes to determine whether you are a candidate for a LASIK procedure. With so many different technologies for better vision available, it will definitely be worth the effort to call 407-843-5665 and speak with one of our staff. Our goal of Correcting Vision – Changing Lives can be the difference between maintaining your safety while still enjoying life.