Nobody likes hearing fake news! Especially unsupported myths floating around about refractive laser eye surgery. Unfortunately, we see many patients who have avoided getting a procedure that could change their lives and vision for the better.

They do this because they were told something that isn’t true.

If you are avoiding SMILE laser eye surgery for a specific reason, read on, and maybe we can answer a few questions for you!

1. You Will Have a Long Recovery Period

Some laser eye surgeries do have a longer recovery period, but SMILE does not. With the SMILE procedure, recovery is rapid, with individuals only needing 2-3 days for rest and healing.

You will need one day for the surgery, one day to rest, and maybe a third day if you work in an environment with high eye strain. See our article on tips for fast recovery after surgery.

2. SMILE is a New Procedure, Better Wait

The SMILE laser technology has been through controlled clinical studies since 2007 and has been commercially available since 2011. While it did gain attention in a short time, it has a 10-year reputable track record. 

3. The Surgery is Painful, Which Leads to Uncontrollable Blinking

While pain, discomfort, anxiety, and issues with the eye may cause excessive or uncontrollable blinking, this doesn’t mean that the SMILE surgery is painful in itself. 

Our expert vision surgeons will use anesthetic eye drops, suction, and a speculum to immobilize your eyes during the procedure so that you won’t feel any pain and there won’t be any uncontrollable blinking.  While you may experience very minimal discomfort during recovery, the actual procedure is painless.

4. Blindness is a Risk With SMILE

With over 3 million SMILE procedures done worldwide, there is no evidence that it blinds anyone. Both research, clinical data, and the expertise of world-renowned surgeons show that the SMILE procedure is safe and more reliable than other variants of laser eye surgery.

In some individuals, this procedure may even decrease post-surgery dry eye and corneal thinning.

The SMILE laser eye surgery procedure is one of the fastest-growing laser vision correction options available.

It makes use of advanced technology and techniques to correct both nearsightedness and astigmatism. 

Now that these common myths are debunked, if you have any further questions or concerns about SMILE, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation, book online now!