The general public doesn’t have a good grasp on astigmatism, according to Dr. Brock “Doc Brock” Magruder Jr., a leading LASIK expert in Orlando. In fact, many people may not even be aware that astigmatism is part of their prescription, despite the fact that it often goes hand in hand with myopia, or nearsightedness. So what is astigmatism?

According to Doc Brock, the easiest way to understand astigmatism is with a sports analogy. He explains, “Astigmatism means that the cornea, instead of being evenly round like a baseball, is unevenly round, like a football. It curves more in one direction than the other. You can imagine that where the laces run on a football is a flatter curve. So the astigmatism has a direction and that’s very important in how we correct it.”


Along with generally misunderstanding the concept of astigmatism is the commonly held idea that it can’t be fixed with corrective surgery. In actuality, LASIK and other technologies are extremely effective in correcting this vision problem. If you have been wearing toric contact lenses, or glasses that have a high degree of astigmatic correction, then you actually have a better chance at improving your vision with corrective treatments, according to Doc Brock.

Leading LASIK Orlando experts have been treating astigmatisms successfully for many years. LASIK technology has the potential to treat astigmatism by reshaping the inner layer of the cornea to improve vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses or eyewear. If you have an astigmatism and would like to give up fussing with contact lenses and glasses then find out if Lasik treatments can help your vision needs.

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