When contact lenses became popular as an alternative to wearing prescription glasses, people went absolutely crazy for them. No more worries about picking out frames that looked good, and no more annoying little nerd references or tacky nicknames; just the freedom to be themselves. As with all things that seem too good to be true, it quickly became apparent that wearing contact lenses instead of glasses had an upside for sure, but there was also a big downside. Today, Doc Brock Magruder, the number one eye surgeon in Orlando, explains why contact lenses are not all they are cracked up to be.

Too Much Time Wasted in the Morning

It’s not easy to insert contact lenses each morning to start your day. You have to make sure you have enough cleaning solution and moistening drops to insert them properly.  Sometimes, they just don’t want to cooperate. The slightest granule of debris or an eyelash can cause pain if caught between the lens and your eye. Then, your eyes start to water, and they turn red, making insertion of the lenses even more difficult. Oh, and after you put in your contacts and put on your makeup, but accidently stab yourself with your eyeliner or mascara, you will need to immediately take the lens out and clean it. But, your eye is now red and swollen, and then you have to reapply your eye makeup. Not exactly a time saver.

Want to Crash on the Couch? Contacts Say Not So Fast

Imagine a lazy afternoon curled up in your favorite chair; don’t fall asleep with your lenses in because it’s not recommended that you sleep with contact lenses in. If you do doze off for even a quick nap, odds are you’ll wake up with very dry eyes, the lenses could stick to your eye, causing blurry vision, and you also risk damaging your eyes. Forget about spontaneity. What if you’re at a party and decide to crash for the night instead of driving home? What do you do about caring for your lenses? Did you bring your glasses, contact case, and solution on the chance that you’d spend the night? How many times have you used two shot glasses as containers and used water to keep them moist? This increases the risk of infection exponentially.

Life’s a Beach, So Your Vision Should be a Breeze

If you are at the beach, boating, or enjoying other great outdoor activities, what do you do when you lose a lens?  You are pretty much done for the day unless you packed an extra pair or brought along your glasses as a backup. It’s really hard to navigate the world with only one lens.

Think About Saving Space in Your Suitcase for the Important Things

Vacationing is a bit more tedious as you have to remember to pack extra lenses, your glasses, cleaning solution, and cases. Heaven forbid you forget the spare pair; you’ll spend the entire vacation worrying about the ones you’re wearing, totally petrified that you might rip or lose one.

Sometimes You Need a Good Cry

Crying. Yes, crying is a problem for contact lens wearers. The aftermath of having a good cry is that your lenses feel extremely dry, and your eyes are irritated, so you have to switch to your glasses for a day or so. What’s convenient about that?

You are Wearing Glasses. Wow! You Look so Different!

Have you ever chosen to take a day off from wearing your contacts? People seem compelled to comment, and some even freak out.  “I didn’t know you wore glasses!” Or “I like you better with them/without them,” will be reverberating in your ears before the day is done. You just can’t seem to please everyone. Does any of this sound familiarly annoying to you?  Doc Brock invites you to think about your options.

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