Orlando’s local art scene has always intrigued Dr. Magruder and his family. His interest in art has translated into the Magruder Laser Vision office space. Dr. Magruder says, “My family and I have always been connected to the local arts community and it just made sense that our building could help support that.” To help local artists and photographers, Dr. Magruder has facilitated his office into an artistic venue for local artists wanting to share their work, demonstrating that Magruder Laser Vision is no run-of-the-mill doctor’s office.

The exhibit kicks off showcasing the work of the acclaimed photographer, Jim Hobart, owner of Macbeth Studio. With more than 30 years of photography experience, Hobart brings his utmost creativity to every photograph. Hobart’s monochrome photographs of Orlando, New York, London, and Paris architecture are the first to be showcased in our office. These photographs draw attention to the beauty of what some might take for granted. The showcase also features his photography of the Pantheon Paris, proudly capturing it’s engraving, “A toute les gloires de la france,” (translated to ‘To all the glories of France’). Hobart has not lost touch of his roots, though, photographing Central Blvd and it’s architectural work of our very own beloved city. Hobart’s work will be shown throughout the holidays.

Starting in 2017, the Magruder Laser Vision office will feature bimonthly artists with an opening evening for each. It is Dr. Magruder’s hope that these openings will provide local artists with the opportunity to show their work in a unique environment, network with others, and gain exposure in the Orlando Area. Magruder Laser Vision is ecstatic to support local artists and photographers, ensuring that our Orlando artists are getting the recognition they deserve.

You may be asking, “What is the correlation between art and a doctor’s office?” Well, if you are required to be somewhere, wouldn’t you want your scenery to be enjoyable? Dr. Magruder states “We’ve always wanted our guests to enjoy coming to our office and not feel like it’s just another doctor’s office visit.” We want you to feel at ease when you arrive at our office.

We believe that photography and art should be shared with our guests in order to make each visit unique and welcoming. Don’t take good eyesight for granted. Schedule your appointment with Magruder Laser Vision and enjoy our welcoming, artistic ambience.