Being unable to comprehend the written word is one of the most challenging obstacles anyone can face. Vision is actually the most dominant sense in humans as it permits us to import more than 80% of the information we learn and, ultimately, store. If vision is blurry or if focus is not attainable, the ability to learn is negatively impacted, and the development of reading and writing skills are greatly diminished. Symptoms will certainly develop, which may include eye strain, headaches, balance issues, coordination problems, and fatigue.

Children are especially prone to becoming frustrated and losing the desire to learn. Poor grades and underachievement can diminish self-worth. Magruder Laser Vision leads the way in Orlando Ophthalmology by performing thorough eye examinations to determine whether or not there are visual issues at the root of learning difficulties.

Dr. Brock Magruder wants you to be aware of the different types of vision issues and the impact they may have on comprehension and learning that may be determined during an eye exam. He explains this way:

Perceptual vision

issues are those that inhibit the ability to see something and identify it. They can keep us from recognizing words that we’ve seen before so that we can’t process the connection between our eyes and brain.”

Functional vision

issues are more anatomical. In other words, problems that can affect the function of the eyes with relation to focus and tracking. Our eyes must work together to produce accurate images in our brain. If for any number of reasons our eyes cannot focus properly, blurred or double vision may occur. When our eyes do not work together, the condition of convergence insufficiency may be diagnosed.”

The majority of routine eye examinations only check for functional vision issues. If a problem with reading comprehension is suspected, it is recommended that more specific evaluations be performed to rule out simple refractive concerns. Even color blindness can impact a child’s ability to learn if he or she cannot identify colors as required in most early grades. All children should visit an ophthalmologist prior to starting school to identify any potential vision difficulties which might impact the learning process.


Some of the symptoms of vision problems that may impact learning are:

  • Complaints about blurred vision
  • Refusal to read, color, write
  • Leaning really close to the material they are working on
  • Eyes that appear crossed or move independently
  • Frequent blinking
  • Reversing letters or words consistently
  • Having to use a finger or ruler to keep place while reading
  • Reading slowly with poor comprehension
  • Difficulty using scissors to cut on lines (poor eye/hand coordination)

If you observe any of these symptoms in your child, please don’t ignore them. The Orlando ophthalmology leaders at Magruder Laser Vision invite you to contact us to make an eye exam appointment right away. Call us at 407-843-5665 now. Your child’s vision is too important to his or her educational success to ignore. Magruder Laser Vision – Correcting Eyes – Changing Lives!