I have a question for you: What does travel, reading, and learning a new language all have in common? If the answer doesn’t seem obvious, that’s because it’s the unexpected benefits that come with them. I’ve always loved diving into something, only to find that I’m gaining something completely different than I first thought I would. It’s like getting a little surprise with each new experience!

Lately, I’ve been trying to pass this perspective around so that everyone can find that little extra joy in life, especially my LASIK patients. Sure, LASIK is the procedure that promises to turn blurry vision into 20/20 dreams, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! That’s why today I’d like to go over all of these hidden gems that’ll improve your quality of life beyond just helping you to see clearly. So buckle up, folks, because we’re going to take a journey through 5 unexpected benefits of getting LASIK corrective surgery.

1. Eliminate Long Term Costs

The LASIK procedure is itself a significant financial investment, running on average $3,000 per eye. This may sound like a little much just to improve your vision to the point of not needing glasses, however, the costs of glasses, contact lenses and contact solution add up over time. This often amounts to much more than the entirety of the LASIK procedure alone.

Financial costs aside, corrected vision will also save you a great deal of time, a resource that simply can’t be earned back. Consider this: You never have to go searching for your glasses, no longer need to spend time ordering new contacts or fiddling with the ones you have in, and eye appointments are limited to monitoring your recovery from surgery and the longevity of the results. Even just a few minutes a day can offer you that little time in the morning to relax and enjoy your coffee, or to take a few deep breaths before giving a presentation. This benefit is subtle, but far-reaching, and could affect almost every facet of your life.

2. Boost Confidence & Lifestyle

Modern fashion considers glasses to be an accessory, usually used to give a more intellectual air to someone, but some of us don’t feel that “runway confidence” when donning our spectacles. Where compliments and affirmations fall short, LASIK could provide a long sought after answer to anyone in need of a confidence boost.

Even if you’re not self-conscious about your frames, you may find them to simply be inconvenient or potentially a liability. Rolling out of bed in the morning only to find the usual spot for your glasses empty, the constant threat of breaking them while traveling, or worst of all, scrambling to find them in an emergency, are all valid concerns with real world implications.

3. Recreational Freedom

Staying active is already a struggle with how busy day-to-day life is, but that doesn’t need to be made any harder with the added hassle of glasses and contacts. Yes, there are other, less drastic solutions out there, but let’s take a realistic look at all of them.

  • Glasses Straps. Adjustable straps help to keep your glasses from falling off when running or quickly turning your head. The complaint I often hear is that they rely on your glasses’ nose pads to keep them in place, meaning they may push a little further into your nose, or the corners of your eyes than you’d like. You can solve this by keeping the strap a little looser, but this could allow your glasses to bounce off your nose a little, defeating the purpose.
  • Contact Lenses. Removing glasses entirely certainly removes the threat of them falling off or breaking. The drawback here is for those who play contact or water bound sports. Contacts are only held in place by the moisture between them and your eye, so rough-housing can cause them to shift. As for water sports, wearing contacts into a pool, lake or similar body of water can easily result in an infection and risk being extremely harmful to your eyesight.
  • Sports Goggles. There are two versions of sports goggles for those with glasses: prescription and non-prescription. Prescription sports goggles effectively adapt prescription safety glasses to a sports environment, creating a durable, fitted piece that both corrects vision and protects your eyes. Unfortunately, the cost of these goggles is comparable, if not even higher than that of your regular glasses, making them a significant investment that will also need to be replaced if your prescription changes. Non-prescription sports goggles are designed to either fit over glasses, or be worn with contact lenses. They rely on your prescription to correct your vision while they protect your prescription. Admittedly, this is a much cheaper option, but is highly uncomfortable. Contact lenses can still shift, and fitting over glasses requires a lot of extra bulk, even if the weight remains low.

With LASIK, none of these other options are necessary, leaving you free to do what you want without any of the usual restrictions.

4. Alleviate Allergies

Now, I hear you asking, “how can correcting my eyes possibly help with my allergies?” Well, have you ever adjusted your contacts after they’ve slipped out of position? How about rubbing your eyes after hours of focusing? You may not realize it, but dust and pollen floating in the air will gather on your clothes and, more importantly, your hands. If you happen to touch your eyes, you could potentially be pushing that pollen directly into them, resulting in some of the worst allergy symptoms you’ve ever experienced. With LASIK, there’s no more need for adjustment, no more stress to rub away from staring through lenses, and thus, much less need to touch your eyes.

5. Military & First Responder Benefits

The quality of your vision while on the job is paramount to first responders and military personnel, and sometimes glasses can be just as much of a nuisance as they are helpful. Dangerous situations are seldom accommodating to visual impairment, so not having to worry about damaged frames or lost contacts is just one less factor to consider when making life or death decisions. Additionally, for military traveling abroad, access to eye specialists is not always available, making clear vision even more imperative. Even if you’re no longer on active duty, LASIK can give you the visual clarity you need while relieving you from the upkeep of visual aids.


It’s no secret that LASIK improves the lives and livelihoods of those that undergo the procedure, but the ways in which it accomplishes that are largely unknown. If you’ve been considering LASIK for yourself, and you still have questions, I encourage you to contact us here at Magruder Laser Vision, where we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the information you need, and the quality of vision you deserve.