Finding the Right Orlando LASIK Eye Surgeon Should Not Be Based on Costs

Let’s talk about money. Do not base your decision on who can do your laser eye surgery for the least amount of money. If this is the case, put your contacts back in and start saving until you can make your decision based on experience, latest technology and a LASIK eye surgeon with deep roots in your town. A LASIK eye surgeon should be able to evaluate you and tell you how much. Sliding scales are a joke…it costs him the same amount of money to treat a -1.00 with no astigmatism as it does a -3.00 with astigmatism. You are too smart; don’t fall for it. Also, if you are offered “newer laser eye surgery technology” or “safer blade-free” at an additional cost for LASIK eye surgery, walk away. A doctor should NEVER make the patient chose between “ok” and “safer / better”. A true LASIK eye surgeon will always use their best technology for your case.

Our Cost Savings Calculator Shows How Much You Could Be Saving With LASIK

The main thing holding people back from LASIK eye surgery in Orlando is the cost of laser eye surgery. The financial part of your decision is easier than you think! Most laser eye surgery centers offer affordable payment plans that cost a lot less than your cellphone bill. If you really think about what you spend in glasses and contacts in a year, you will realize that LASIK eye surgery actually breaks even in about 3-4 years. Want to know how? You can use our laser eye surgery cost savings calculator to actually calculate how much you will save on glasses and contact lenses by getting laser eye surgery. The huge amount you can save on contacts and glasses will surprise you!

Alternative Cost Savings For LASIK Eye Surgery

If you don’t like to finance, check with your employer to see if they offer an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Savings Account). These are accounts where you put money, TAX FREE each pay period to pay for medical expenses. While these accounts won’t pay for you to get your teeth whitened, it will cover your laser eye surgery cost. If all else fails, cold hard cash and credit cards will work!

Next week we talk about another thing that holds people back from laser eye surgery in Orlando: fear. We’ll tell you how to overcome it, and what you need to know to find the best LASIK eye surgeon for you.

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