It is one thing to say that LASIK is the most popular option for patients wishing to restore their vision and ditch wearing glasses, and it’s quite another to have the data to support the success of LASIK in Orlando. Dr. Brock Magruder of Magruder Laser Vision asked patients to voluntarily participate in a progressive Contact/LASIK study which sought to gather data to compare the pros and cons of wearing contact lenses versus having LASIK eye surgery.

The study reviewed over 1,880 patients from 20 different laser eye centers throughout the United States and studied patients who continued to wear contacts or glasses versus those who opted for the laser eye surgery and followed these patients for three years. The age group ranged from 18 to 60 years old.

So, what were the results? As you might have guessed, an overwhelming majority of the patients involved in this study have independently praised LASIK and are thrilled with the results of their procedure over three years past their surgical date. They would definitely recommend the procedure to family and friends. Let’s take a look at some of the significant results reported by patients who had chosen to have the LASIK procedure to improve their eyesight.

  • Patients largely reported that their night vision is improved compared to glasses and contacts. When LASIK was in its infancy, there was a small percentage of patients who reported experiencing a halo or starburst effect following their surgery. Some even experienced a degree of glare when the sun went down. The advancements in LASIK technology have all but eliminated this side effect, and the majority of patients reported improved night vision and preferred their LASIK to contacts or glasses.
  • Patients diagnosed with “Dry Eye,” which is a condition where the eye doesn’t produce enough tears to keep the cornea adequately lubricated, reported that the condition did not worsen as a result of the LASIK procedure. The study also showed that the use of artificial tears after LASIK dramatically decreased with the advances in LASIK technology.
  • Contact lens wearers frequently suffer from bouts of conjunctivitis (pink eye) and other types of eye infections and abrasions due to improper sterilization and handling of the lenses. Patients who have undergone the LASIK procedure consistently report that they suffer from significantly fewer eye infections post operatively than they did prior to the procedure.

The results from this three-year study support that the latest technology used in LASIK in Orlando procedures is the preferred method of vision correction available today. Contacts lenses and prescription glasses no longer need to be considered the standard for being able to see life clearly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Doc Brock, and take the first step on your journey to pitching the glasses and contacts and all the expense that comes with them.  Magruder Laser Vision – Correcting Vision. Changing lives.