Undergoing eye surgery can cause anxiety and excitement for many patients. One way to help yourself calm down is to prepare for your LASIK treatment to ensure you to have the best possible experience and outcome.

Getting home.

After Lasik surgery, patients are unable to drive or take public transportation. Ask a friend or family member to be your ride home from your appointment. Make sure you find someone that can stick around your house for a while to help you.

Support for surgery.

Many patients feel better if they have a familiar face (or two) give them a ride to the clinic. They can’t accompany you for the procedure, but talking with them before and after can make you feel more comfortable and secure.

Have a place to stay.

Traveling after treatment isn’t recommended, so if you don’t live near the LASIK treatment center, consider finding accommodations nearby so that you can successfully rest your eyes.

Avoid alcohol and alcohol-containing products.

Avoid drinking for 24 hours prior to surgery and abstain for 48 hours after surgery as alcohol can dry out your eyes. In addition, skip perfumes, colognes, and other alcohol-containing beauty products, such as hairspray.

Go au naturel and comfortable.

Don’t wear eye makeup for 24 hours before surgery, as it can interfere with the procedure. And for the procedure, have a clean, makeup-free face. In addition, avoid wearing wool clothing and other fabrics that contain small fibers that may interfere with your results.

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