As you mature, your eye’s lens develops small bits of protein that progressively discolor. Starting tiny and growing with time, these spots become more and more difficult to see through, and driving at night can become dangerous and almost impossible. We understand the changes your eyes are experiencing, and as an added bonus, there is a procedure that can help you regain your vision – even at night! Several disorders may cause your eyes to require stronger light to see more clearly. Many of these are directly related to the eye – nearsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and keratoconus – while others are symptoms of disorders that affect other areas of the body as well – abetalipoproteinemia, diabetes, and vitamin A deficiency. Doc Brock and his dedicated staff are able to aid patients with many of these ocular difficulties; their state-of-the-art ophthalmic procedures have patients raving about their vastly improved vision.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s time to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist at Magruder Laser Vision.

  • How comfortable do you feel driving at night?

  • Have you changed your television habits recently because the screen seems darker? Do you find yourself using more and brighter lights around the house?

  • Are you relying more heavily on friends and relatives to help you with your daily activities because you cannot see well enough?

  • Have you tried on every pair of “readers” in the store to determine if they will help your vision, but find nothing works?

  • Can you work safely?

Contact the Orlando ophthalmologist at Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 to schedule an appointment if you’re balancing the fine line between driving safely and driving dangerously. You may be making a wise decision for your well being as well as the lives of other drivers. Find out about our advanced vision procedures by reading our blogs.

In 1996, Dr. Magruder, opened his practice and introduced locals to Central Florida’s first refractive surgery center. Since then, he has continued to innovate by introducing game-changing technology and pursuing ongoing education to master the latest techniques. To learn more about the Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision can do for you, call us at (407) 843-5665 or read our blog for more information!