Some eye clinics have a caring staff while others may use the latest technology. Checking out a third eye clinic, you may find specialized ophthalmologists with knowledge of the newest procedures. With so many Orlando ophthalmologists available, how do you decide? At Magruder Laser Vision, where our motto is “Correcting Vision – Changing Lives,” we strive to help every patient through a variety of differentiators.


When checking credentials, consider that Doc Brock has performed more than 25,000 procedures in his career, which began in 1987 with his first cataract surgery. His focus soon became LASIK procedures, and he has consistently been the forerunner in the latest technologies. From opening the first refractive surgery center in Central Florida to owning and operating the one of the first Autonomous Technologies Tracking Laser in the United States, Dr. Magruder believes patients deserve the best.


Doc Brock and his staff are dedicated to your eye health. He has 28 years of experience in eye procedures and strives to bring the latest procedures to you, such as KAMRA inlay that enhances more than nearsightedness. Depending on your eye’s vision problem – cataracts, myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism – at least one vision correction procedure will be recommended, and you can determine which will best suit your needs.


The state-of-the-art technology at Magruder Laser Vision is second to none. The sensitivity and specialization of the machines make it possible, after a consultation examination, to perform many procedures in less than a minute! Laser procedures are our forte; Doc Brock was integrated into the FDA investigational study site for Custom Cornea treatments in 2001, and in 2005, he was the first to offer the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto. This technology was the first excimer laser approved by the FDA  to improve night vision. When LASIK became blade-free, Doc Brock was the first ophthalmologist in Central Florida to be trained in Intralase iFS LASIK eye correction. The latest in technological breakthroughs are KAMRA inlays, and Dr. Magruder offers these cutting-edge procedures as well.


Our team of professionals would love for you to see better now rather than later. To this end, we offer financing for our laser eye treatments. Considering how much you spend on replacement contacts every month, investing that money into paying for a procedure that will rid you of your reliance on contacts is extremely worthwhile financially. No other ophthalmologist in Florida offers financing as good as Magruder Laser Vision. With $0 down and $0 interest plans through Alphaeon Credit, you can afford outstanding vision!

Call the Orlando ophthalmologist team who cares about your vision, Magruder Laser Vision, at 407-843-5665. We will gladly meet with you for a free consultation to determine how best to bring your eyesight into clear focus. Our blogs explain many of our procedures and the latest in technology for vision correction.