Most people view a LASIK procedure from Magruder Laser Vision they same way they look at a high-end car — you can live without it, although it sure would be nice. However, LASIK has a definite advantage over the car; it can save you tons of money over time. Consider this: every year, your corrective lenses cost money to replace and repair. After your initial investment in LASIK, those yearly costs disappear since you no longer have glasses or contacts to adjust or replace. The Orlando eye surgery experts at Magruder Laser Vision have several other points to help you decide whether you should schedule your preliminary LASIK exam.

  • Consider the price of glasses today. Frames can range anywhere from $20 to $2,000! Lenses themselves have almost as wide a range in price, depending on your eye’s overall shape and condition. A patient with nearsightedness (myopia) may require simple, inexpensive lenses while a second patient with myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism may opt for trifocals and state-of-the-art lenses. If the lenses become scratched, the process begins again with another expensive lens. Although insurance covers basic lenses and frames, the remainder is generally paid out of pocket.

  • Contacts are not an economical alternative either. The price of the lenses, the solution to clean and store them, and the eye infections from debris or microorganisms that lodge between the eye and the lens add up quickly. Lenses may seem inexpensive if you’re spending $25 a month for a quality pair, but multiply that amount times by 12 months and it no longer seems quite so cheap.

  • LASIK from Magruder Laser Vision can be financed with 0% down and 0% financing for qualified patients. Therefore, you can simply earmark your contact-spending money every month for LASIK payments.

  • Need more convincing? Think of all the times you were at a restaurant and forgot your reading glasses, at work and tore your contact, or carelessly tossed your glasses on the car seat beside you only to remember them when your passenger sat down. Living with corrective lenses has hidden expenses that you tend to dismiss because you need to be able to see.

  • The greatest reason of all to join the millions of satisfied LASIK patients? They can all see better. Technologically advanced LASIK procedures from Magruder give every patient the best vision possible for each specific eye landscape.

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