Have you decided it is time to say goodbye to your dependence on contact lenses and have laser eye surgery in Orlando? Of course, the experts at Magruder Laser Vision support your decision because, as you well know, there are risks and annoyances associated with wearing contacts for vision correction. Unfortunately, too many people who wear contact lenses experience minor day-to-day annoyances, such as irritation and discomfort, and more serious problems, such as eye infections and corneal ulcerations. Here are some potential causes of the problems wearers of contact lenses may face.

  • Incorrect Use and Care:

    Since soft contact lenses are so thin and delicate, they must be handled with extreme care. Failing to improperly store them, not washing your hands before use, or allowing them to come into contact with anything besides your eye can lead to buildup on the lens itself, which contributes to irritation and discomfort.

  • Wearing the Lenses Too Long:

    With so many contacts on the market, wearers have options as to how long they can wear them, with some being worn only during waking hours and some that can be worn overnight. Unfortunately, many people wear their contacts longer than the manufacturer recommends, subjecting their eyes to possible problems from infections from the bacteria that builds up from prolonged wear.

  • Eye Infections from Contact Use:

    The chance of getting an eye infection for those wearing contact lenses is much higher due to improper care and usage and from wearing them too long, and these eye infections are potentially threatening to eyesight. That is why laser eye surgery is a great option for those who have repeatedly suffered from eye infections caused by their contact lenses.

A top laser eye center in Orlando, Magruder Laser Vision offers those who suffer from the potential complications of contact lenses a way to see without them. We are happy to say better than 99 percent of our excellent LASIK candidates are satisfied with their results. At your consultation, Doc Brock will go over everything you need to know about your vision correcting surgery and happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Many people think that contacts are a long term solution and have concerns about laser eye surgery such as dry eyes, nighttime vision problems, and the need for retreatment in the future. But, keep in mind, the benefits of LASIK surgery far outweigh the hassle and risk of using contact lenses. Doc Brock will discuss with you, during your consultation, any possible effects you experience after your eye surgery.

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Why deal with the hassle of a decade of contacts when you can live a hassle-free life after getting LASIK from a trusted surgeon with decades of experience? Doc Brock has been providing LASIK surgery treatment using state-of-the-art treatments to 20,000+ patients in a peaceful and friendly setting. While making a decision to undergo LASIK can be daunting, our experienced and caring team will reinforce your comfort and confidence throughout the process. Call 407-843-5665 today to schedule a priority consultation at LaserVue. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.