Something we hear often at LaserVue from our LASIK, PRK and our other laser eye surgery patients is “I wish that I had done this years ago!” The reason they give is simple: they were afraid and didn’t know whom they could entrust with their vision. There are many ophthalmologists in the area, but who is really the best eye surgeon in Orlando for your laser eye surgery?

Start With Laser Eye Surgeon Recommendations

First, talk to friends and family you know who have already had laser eye surgery. Ask who performed their procedure and how was their experience. Their first person eye surgeon testimonial will give you a guide of what to expect. If they did not have laser eye surgery in Central Florida, ask if they would be comfortable calling their former laser eye surgeon and asking for a recommendation in the Orlando area. The best eye surgeons often network and meet their colleagues at medical meetings.

Your family optometrist and medical doctor are also great resources. Chances are they have either had a laser eye surgery procedure or have seen a patient who has had LASIK, PRK or Custom Cataract surgery.

Don’t forget to check online reviews. Google and Yelp have independent reviews of local laser eye surgeons in the Orlando area.There are many websites out there that can help you find a cataract surgeon near you.

Get to Know Your Laser Eye Surgeon

Once you have the names of a few eye surgeons, do your homework and learn about the surgeon. Use these questions to find the best eye surgeon in Orlando for you:

  • What is their track record?
  • How long have they been performing laser eye surgery?
  • Do they own their laser eye center?
  • Are they on staff at the local hospitals?
  • Have they been a part of any clinical studies?
  • Are they an “expert,” do they lecture other doctors or have they had their work published?
  • Do they belong to local civic groups?
  • Do they do mission work or perform charity work in their community?

Visit the Laser Eye Center Prior to Your Laser Eye Surgery

Once you have chosen a laser eye surgeon, call and schedule a consultation. The best laser eye surgeons will personally meet with prospective candidates completely free of charge. While you are in the laser eye center, get a feel of the surroundings, knowledge of the staff and the type of technology used. Do not get distracted by price and “deals.” Laser eye surgery and medicine in general is not about getting a “good deal,” it’s about getting the best care and treatment that suits you and your lifestyle.

Let our team provide you with truly personalized care in laser eye surgery. Plus, consultations are always free at LaserVue Orlando. Get to know Dr. Magruder and our amazing staff by scheduling your free priority consultation today.