Were you aware that nationwide, injury to one or both eyes occurs by the thousands each and every day? The more tragic news is that an overwhelming majority of them were preventable if people had only taken appropriate measures. The staff at Magruder Laser Vision has compiled this quick “Guide to Eye Safety” to help you keep your vision and, that of your loved ones’, safe.


  1. Appropriate protective eyewear should be worn when engaging in all hazardous activities in the home, on the sports field, and while at work.

  2. Your first aid kit should include a rigid eye shield and eyewash.

  3. See a doctor immediately if an injury to the eye has occurred. Eye injuries have the potential to cause blindness, and, being left untreated, increases the risk.

  4. If you wear contact lenses, ALWAYS follow your doctor’s instructions about care and use. Infections can cause blindness and usually can be prevented by proper Contact Lens care.

Specific Injuries and Emergency Care

If the eyes come in contact with chemicals of any kind:

  • Immediately flush the eye with water by letting the water run from a faucet or shower, or pour water directly into the wide open eye, making sure you are using a clean container. Continue flushing with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Do not use an eyecup as this will restrict the flushing action.

  • If a contact lens is in the eye, begin flushing over the lens immediately. This may wash away the lens, which is perfectly fine.

  • Do not place a bandage over the affected eye. Seek immediate medical treatment after flushing.

If a piece of debris lands in the eye:

  • Never rub the eye.

  • Tears are the eyes natural defense mechanism. Try to let tears wash the speck out or use an eyewash to increase liquid volume if necessary.

  • If you can, try lifting the upper eyelid away from the eye surface and pull it gently down over the lower lid.

  • If the debris is not washed away, keep the eye closed, bandage it lightly, and see a doctor immediately.

If the eye is punctured or cut:

  • Never try to remove an object that has punctured or is stuck in the eyelid or eye.

  • Protect the object from movement. Cover the object and the eye with something rigid, making sure not to apply pressure to the object or the eye.

  • Get to an emergency room or physician right away.

If someone has received a blow to the eye:

  • To prevent swelling, apply a cold compress to the affected area, taking care not to apply pressure. If using an ice pack, do not press it into the eye.

  • If vision becomes blurry, pain develops, or a black eye begins, get to a hospital immediately to avoid serious complications.

The safety and health of your eyes is our number one priority. Keeping your eyes safe and healthy will allow you to enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. Call us at 407-843-5665 for more information about how we can help you to healthier eyes and clearer vision.