The only thing better than getting a holiday present is GIVING a holiday present. We spend days, weeks and months agonizing over getting that perfect gift. Far too many times we buy something that we think is perfect, only to learn later it was the wrong size, wrong color or not something that was wanted or needed in the first place.
LASIK eye surgery from Magruder Laser Vision makes the perfect gift. One of the greatest gifts in life is the GIFT OF SIGHT. Not only is it a necessity, but with LASIK you also get freedom from glasses and contacts. Imagine being able to see clearly when you get out of bed, or to enjoy active sports without the hassle of glasses and contacts thanks to LASIK Eye Surgery.

The LASIK Eye Surgery Cost is Less Than You Think

Giving the gift of LASIK eye surgery doesn’t have to break your budget. Magruder Laser Vision offers numerous LASIK payment options for ANY budget making LASIK more affordable than ever. By paying with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express, you can save an additional 10%. Magruder Laser Vision also offers numerous financing options for LASIK, such as 0% interest for 12 months or LASIK eye surgery for as little as $99 per month.

LASIK From Magruder Laser Vision

LASIK eye surgery may not be right for everyone. If your loved one is not a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, the gift of LASIK is 100% refundable! Magruder Laser Vision also offers other great eye care solutions including PRK eye surgery, implantable contact lenses or refractive lens exchange. At Magruder Laser Vision, we provide individualized treatment plans like no other LASIK surgery facility. Dr. Magruder also meets personally with each LASIK candidate to discuss his or her vision needs and determine the best possible treatment.

To take advantage of the gift of LASIK eye surgery this holiday season, drop by our Orlando LASIK office. Our Magruder Laser Vision staff will wrap your gift and make you the hit of the holiday! Or, to find out more about LASIK eye surgery, contact us or schedule a priority consultation today.