You have heard the success stories and done all the research. You’ve decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brock Magruder of Magruder Laser Vision to see if you are a good candidate for eye laser surgery in Orlando to correct your vision. You are, however, also keenly aware of your finances and that most insurance coverage does not provide benefits for the LASIK procedure.

The feasibility of financing your laser eye surgery is an individual decision, and you must feel comfortable with what you ultimately decide to do. If you wear contact lenses and glasses, consider that, on average, you spend about $260 per year on just contact lenses.

For some who wear bifocal lenses, patients with astigmatism, or those who prefer particular brands of contact lenses, they may pay up to three times that amount. The purchase of cleaning and disinfecting solutions can cost you another $150 to $200 per year. That totals up to a minimum of nearly $9,200 over a 20-year period if prices hold true.

To this, you must also include the eyeglasses that you wear as a backup to your contacts. A conservative pair of frames and lenses will cost about $350.00 plus the average fee of $125.00 for your annual eye exam. Over the same 20-year period, you may expect to pay upwards of $4,750 if you require new glasses every two years. Laser eye surgery will allow for you to save more of your hard-earned money over the years to come. Plus, you’ll never have to wear glasses or contacts again.

At Magruder Laser Vision, we accept all major forms of traditional payments and credit cards and make it very affordable for you to have your procedure by offering a variety of financing options. There is a plan to fit almost every budget. We offer the most generous financing options in Florida, including $0 down, 0% interest plans, and guaranteed approval on 0% financing.

Magruder Laser Vision is happy to announce 24-month, ZERO-interest financing through our finance partner Alphaeon. If you are able to pay off the balance prior to the end of the 24-month period, you’ll have paid ZERO interest for your procedure, and you’ve won twice!

If you participate in a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account, the money saved can be used as the down payment towards your surgery, which allows you to have the procedure sooner without having to finance the entire amount. These are pre-tax dollars and can save you up to $900.00.


Eye laser surgery in Orlando is extremely affordable and will save you money for years to come, and let us not forget about freeing you from the hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses. Contact Magruder Laser Vision today to schedule a no-cost consultation with Doc Brock to determine if you are a candidate for eye laser surgery. Then, explore the finance options available and select the one that works best for you. Ditch the glasses and contacts, and start seeing the world clearly. Magruder Laser Vision – Correcting Vision. Changing Lives.