So, it may be a little cliché, but if you are one of the millions of people waiting to see the new summer blockbuster release, Ghostbusters 3, you’ve probably already seen the trailers. What you might not have picked up on is that two of the four new Ghostbusters are wearing glasses and the odds are that the other two are wearing contact lenses. Doc Brock of Magruder Laser Vision firmly believes that the skills of the Ghostbusters would be greatly enhanced without the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts. One of the options he might recommend for them after their initial consultation would be eye laser surgery. And it might be what he’d recommend for you, too!

For those of you who wear prescription glasses, contact lenses, or even dime store readers, you know what a pain they are when trying to engage in physical activity. The glasses slide down your nose. They fog up when you move from air-conditioned environments to the humid heat of a Florida summer, leaving you unable to see without wiping the lenses. If you are a contact lens wearer, your contacts are subject to invasion of pollen and other debris rendering them painful and potentially dangerous to wear. If you have to take them out, you are blind without your glasses. Did you bring them?

Imagine the thoughts running through the Ghostbuster’s minds when faced with the reality of being slimed in the face? Are they thinking about the possibility of ooze obscuring their vision or what slime can do to destroy contact lenses? Do they bring back-up lenses to each job? Is there a moment of hesitation that could make the difference between fighting a ghost and protecting their eye health? The world as we know it could be forced to succumb to the ghosts without our daring heroines. What contributions to society are you afraid to make because of poor vision and the associated paraphernalia you have to tote around? Don’t be afraid of no ghosts!

Doc Brock wants you to fully experience all the ghost-free wonder life has to offer unchained from the need for glasses or contacts. He invites you to come in for a no-cost consultation to determine if you are an eye laser surgery in Orlando candidate. Doc Brock will personally meet with you to address any concerns you might have about having a laser procedure. We are excited to help you see the world and fight your ghosts without the need for glasses or contacts. Contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665, and let Doc Brock and the staff at Magruder Laser Vision help you to clearer vision. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.