When you’re heading to the office, the store and going about your everyday life, then eyeglasses may not seem so bad. But in the moments when you get to enjoy passions like rock climbing, skiing, or even just going for a run, it can be annoying to have your glasses bouncing around your face and falling off. The LASIK specialists at Magruder know your pain, as sports enthusiasts and eyecare professionals. Here are some eyewear tips for adventure-seekers.


Having vision problems and loving adventure don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The pair you wear to the office or school probably won’t sit on your face once you head to a workout, try a new fitness class, or indulge in an adventurous pastime. And even sporty wraparound style glasses can fall off and break if you’re going all out.

Lightweight lens materials and non-glare options can further be of use to outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts and recreational athletes.

Contact Lenses

For many people, contact lenses are a better solution because they perfect your vision without cumbersome eyewear and allow you to quickly use sunglasses without having to change glasses. While contact lenses can offer peripheral vision and other benefits that glasses do not, they too have drawbacks. It is not advisable to swim in contact lenses because you can risk infection, which makes competing in certain athletic events difficult.


With LASIK, you can enjoy perfect vision without the annoyances and inconveniences of glasses and contacts. You don’t have to remember to pack contact solution, take them in and out, or care for them. LASIK in Orlando offers the ability to see while you swim, cycle, kayak, or anything else.

Magruder can help you find the right solution for your vision needs before you head out on your next adventure.

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