With so many public, professional firework displays being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people will be attempting to put on their own show and some for their first time ever. The most recent Consumer Product Safety Commission report found that 14% of fireworks injuries involved eyes.

Here are a few safety tips to follow, should you decide to use fireworks:

  • Do not allow young children to play with fireworks. Sparklers are often thought of as “safe”, but they burn at very high temperatures and kids may not understand the danger involved.

  • Older children should be permitted to use fireworks only under close adult supervision.

  • Set off fireworks outdoors in a clear area, away from houses, dry leaves, or grass and other flammable materials.

  • Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies, to soak used fireworks, and to soak fireworks that failed to ignite or explode.

  • Do NOT try to relight or handle malfunctioning or “dud” fireworks. Soak them with water and dispose of them properly.

  • Never have any portion of your body directly over a firework while lighting.

  • Never light fireworks in a container, especially a glass or metal container.

  • Keep unused fireworks away from firing areas.

  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place.

Unexpected injuries not only ruin celebrations, but they can also dramatically change lives. Keep fireworks fun by remembering these tips and being smart about how you use fireworks. Stay safe out there!

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