LaserVue Orlando is special in many ways, and our patients will tell you that there is just a different “feel” to our practice than other doctor’s offices. LaserVue strives to be #1 and for almost two decades Dr. Magruder has done just that.

LaserVue’s Timeline of Leading Refractive Surgery Tech

In 1996, Dr. Magruder opened the doors of LaserVue and introduced Orlando to a Central Florida refractive surgery center.

He didn’t stop with our refractive surgery center. Here are just a few ways Dr. Magruder has changed the game with refractive surgery technology:

  • In 1999, the FIRST Autonomous eye-tracking laser in the United States was installed at LaserVue.
  • In 2001, Dr. Magruder began performing the first Custom Cornea Wavefront guided treatments in Central Florida.
  • Later that year, LaserVue became an FDA investigational study site for Wavefront guided LASIK.
  • In 2005, Dr. Magruder was the first to offer the Verisyse implantable lenses, bringing clear vision to patients who were not candidates for traditional refractive surgery LASIK or PRK.
  • In late 2005 LaserVue welcomed our new laser, the Wavelight Allegretto. Once again, Dr. Magruder was first to bring this new, innovative refractive surgery technology to Central Florida.
  • In 2006 Dr. Magruder performed the First Starr Visian implantable contact lens in the Orlando area!
  • LaserVue proudly welcomed Central Florida’s first Intralase iFS to our practice in 2011.
  • 2012 brought changes to cataract procedures. Dr. Magruder was on the cutting edge of this technology, bringing the very first LensAR Cataract Laser to our patients suffering from Cataracts.

Dr. Magruder and LaserVue Orlando Look to the Future

Refractive surgery technology doesn’t stand still and neither does Dr. Magruder and the staff at LaserVue. We are proud, once again to offer Central Florida the latest, state of the art refractive surgery. In March 2015, LaserVue became the proud home to the WaveLight Refractive Suite. This is the EX500 and FS200 lasers that offer the fastest, safest treatment available today. Once again, LaserVue is first to offer this technology.

You can experience LaserVue’s unique refractive surgery technology by taking our virtual office tour or by stopping by our office. While you’re there, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Magruder to see how our refractive surgery technology can change your vision and your life.