Did you know that computer screens, smartphones, tablets, televisions and other digital devices all give off blue light? Do you know what this means for your eye health? Especially for people that wear corrective lenses? As reliance on digital devices grows, ophthalmologists are seeing more complaints about eye strain and eye fatigue. Digital devices expose your eyes to the same blue light as the sun, but in much smaller and safer doses. Because the exposure to blue light is relatively minimal, screens from digital devices do not pose the same risks as looking at the sun. There is also no risk or minimal from radiation exposure from staring at a screen. While there is no direct risk of harming your eyes from looking at screens, it is common to experience eye strain and eye fatigue as a result of screen time, especially in poor lighting and how you position yourself next to the screen. This is especially true for people that wear glasses or contact lenses.

To avoid eye strain, try some of these tips to make your eyes more comfortable:

  • Place your screen at least 20 inches away from your eyes

  • Change up your lighting so that there is little or no glare on your screen or try using a glare filter

  • Use a chair that you can easily adjust

  • Screens that can tilt and swivel are recommended

  • Use devices that allow you to avoid having to adjust your focal point and move your head a lot, such as a document holder placed near your screen.

Glasses meant for computer screens are also recommended, but you can try avoiding using glasses for computers and other vision issues by going for a consultation at Magruder Laser Vision to find out the best ways to take care of your eyesight.

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