If you’re a glasses-wearer in sunny Florida, then you may want to consider undergoing eye surgery in Orlando to avoid the many daily annoyances that pop up as a result of having to wear glasses all the time. Here’s a list of annoying experiences glasses-wearers might experience.

  1. You can’t see when you wake up and may end up fumbling to find your glasses in the middle of the night or in the morning. This can lead to smudging or scratching your lenses.

  2. You can’t wear glasses in the shower. Simple tasks like shaving your legs or reading the shampoo bottle prove more difficult. You don’t want to end up washing your hair with body wash!

  3. If you wear makeup, the process of getting ready in the morning can take even longer with glasses. You can’t wear them when applying most makeup, so navigating with blurry vision can lead to an uneven application. Glasses can also mess up your foundation as the day goes on, or you can get mascara smudges on the lenses.

  4. It’s normal to adjust your glasses throughout the day, but this can lead to never-ending smudges. You have to be careful how you clean them, or you may break or scratch them.

  5. When it rains, good luck! Glasses fog up on humid days, and when it rains, drops of water blur your vision. This brings us back to having to clean them properly to avoid scratches and still be able to see clearly.

  6. Bright, sunny days can be difficult for glasses-wearers. Normal sunglasses won’t fit over prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses are expensive. Even if you have prescription sunglasses, you’ll still have to remove them and switch to your normal lenses when going back indoors.

  7. Paying for constant prescription updates can be costly. Breaking or scratching your glasses, needing to purchase prescription sunglasses, or even updating your style means buying a brand new pair of glasses, making the necessity even more expensive.

If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, relieve stress, and experience the freedom of clear eyesight, undergoing eye surgery in Orlando is a great option.

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