Many people dream of better vision and think about how wonderful waking up and seeing the world without reaching for glasses or dragging to the bathroom to pop in contacts would be. An Orlando LASIK procedure performed at Magruder Laser Vision is probably less expensive and much safer than you realize, and the results will leave you speechless. Some individuals are perfect candidates for LASIK.

The Ideal Lasik Candidate

  • Women Who Are Not Nursing or Pregnant:

    If you are pregnant or nursing, your body is producing hormones that relax your muscles and ligaments slightly. This relaxation changes vision, and ophthalmologists are reluctant to perform LASIK if the results will change in the near future.

  • Young Adults 18 or Older:

    At this point, the eye is not still growing and forming, so vision is stable. Refractive errors in the eye stabilize during adulthood. Your ophthalmologist will check your vision every six months to every year to determine any changes in visual acuity. Once your vision no longer fluctuates, you are prepared for LASIK.

  • Thicker Cornea:

    Sometimes the overall characteristics of the eye disqualify patients from LASIK. Individuals with thin corneas (the clear coat of the eye) may not be eligible for LASIK. However, there are other forms of vision enhancement, such as PRK or implantable lenses, that may be an option in lieu of LASIK.

  • No Past Ocular Injuries or Scarring:

    If you have scarring on your cornea, the damage may not give good results from LASIK. Likewise, past ocular injuries or diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, keratoconus, ocular herpes, or diabetic retinopathy can disqualify a patient from LASIK.

  • An Overall Healthy Patient:

    Medical conditions including diabetes, autoimmune and immunodeficiency diseases could impede healing from LASIK.  

Although this list sounds like it many candidates, as technology has advanced, other procedures have been developed which may be more appropriate for these populations, or, in the instance of age and pregnancy, time will eventually include those patients. Each person’s eyes has unique characteristics, which is why Doc Brock meets individually with every patient to determine a vision solution that will give the ultimate results. Contact the Orlando LASIK team at Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 for a free consultation, and read our blogs to learn about many of our procedures that may be compatible with you and your lifestyle.