Contact lenses have long been considered the absolute best way to acquire clearer vision. From the initial glass, non-porous lenses to the breathable, lightweight, daily-wear disposable lenses, contacts have been the standard request made by patients seeking to be free from the hassle of wearing glasses. Unfortunately, once patients begin wearing contacts, they quickly realize that the “freedom” comes with not only a price, but also a fair amount of pain. Doc Brock Magruder, a leading Orlando ophthalmologist, wants patients to be aware of all the most common mistakes and complaints expressed by contact lens wearers. He also wants you to be aware of the laser vision procedure options that are available to restore your vision and allow you to toss the contacts forever! Here’s what contact lens wearers are saying:

  • I can wear my contacts much longer that the manufacturer’s recommendation; or so I thought. I wore my contacts for 20 hours straight. My eyes became so dry and irritated that I couldn’t wear contacts again for several days.
  • I forgot to bring my cleaning solution and case, so I used a shot glass and tap water to keep them in overnight. Not my best move. The lenses became less supple and hurt when I tried to put them in.  They hadn’t been cleaned and I wound up with an eye infection.
  • I was wearing my lenses and fell asleep in them. My eyes were “glued shut” when I woke up. Is there really a laser vision procedure that will work for me?
  • My eyes felt really dry after work and I couldn’t get my contacts out. My eyes were burning and the lenses were stuck to my eyes. I had to squirt solution into my eyes and blink repeatedly. I was terrified they would never come out. My eyes were bloodshot and I couldn’t wear my lenses the next day.
  • My nails have to be kept short; I’ve torn contacts and even scratched my cornea taking out a lens. My ophthalmologist instructed me to not wear my contacts for 14 days until the scratch healed. He prescribed antibiotic drops to prevent infection.  Loads of fun!
  • I put a contact in my eye without knowing there was an eyelash on my lens. That’s a pain I never want to experience again. It causes irritation beyond belief and I couldn’t wear my lenses that day.
  • Flying in a plane, sitting in air-conditioning or near a fan is the fastest way to dry out my contacts. It’s awful.  People must be noticing how often I’m blinking – they surely think I have a nervous tick of some kind.

If you’ve ever had a similar experience, you know first-hand that wearing contact lenses is not the joyous experience it’s cracked up to be. Doc Brock, your Orlando ophthalmologist, will meet with you to address your concerns about wearing contact lenses and discuss the options for laser vision procedures available at Magruder Laser Vision. Toss the contacts and forget the pain. Call today at 407-843-5665,  and take your first step to clearer vision. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.