Several of your friends have suddenly stopped wearing glasses. When you asked if they switched to contacts, they said that they recently had a LASIK procedure at Magruder Laser Vision, the Orlando LASIK professionals. You were shocked that your friends would invest so much money on a voluntary procedure — until the benefits of vision correction were made clear.

Eyewear Costs:

The cost of eyeglass frames seems to increase every time you purchase a new pair, especially if you opt for designer frames. With a range from $30 to more than $1,000, it can be expensive to keep your eyes fashionable! Add the price of lenses, and the cost can easily double. Those with astigmatism, presbyopia requiring bi- or trifocals, and specific eye disorders can find that their lens cost is well beyond what insurance covers annually. Add the expense of repair when those tiny screws work themselves loose, lenses scratch, or glasses break, and the price becomes even more extravagant.

Contact Care:

Contact lenses may seem like a better financial choice, since no frames need to be purchased. However, contacts must be replaced daily, weekly, or monthly, and most prescriptions require an eye exam for renewal. If you treat your contacts with care, they should last the correct amount of time. Every so often though, your contacts may tear or chip, which requires replacement even more frequently. The average yearly cost of contacts can range from $500 to $800.

Infections From Contacts:

Contacts are great at collecting microorganisms, which cause eye infections. Consider the cost of replacing the contacts, not wearing contacts while your eye heals, a doctor’s appointment to determine the culprit of the infection, and medications to cure it. The cost can be quite high.

Glasses and Athletics:

Participating in sports while wearing glasses or contacts can lead to injuries; imagine if a ball smashes into your glasses or water splashes into your eye and washes away your contacts. Replacing damaged eyewear and a trip to the doctor’s office to check for serious injuries caused by your glasses colliding with your eye is another unexpected expense.

When all these factors are taken into consideration, it seems more than obvious that the benefits of an Orlando LASIK procedure far outweigh any costs for the procedure. Book your complimentary consultation online or call Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 to learn more about the state-of-the-art LASIK procedures that will save you money.