Summertime! Grab your sunscreen, beach umbrella, and glasses! But wait, how will you juggle wearing glasses and sunglasses? You opt for contacts and smile at your reflection in the mirror. Driving to the beach with the top down sounded like such a great idea until the wind whipped your hair beneath your sunglasses and directly into your eye and nearly yanked out your contact. Once you reach your beautiful destination, you lug the umbrella, chair, cooler, towels, and sand buckets to a small strip of vacant sand. As you bend down to lightly cover your spot with a beach towel, someone runs by, flinging sand as they scamper away. You look up and a few sharp chunks of sand pellet your eye. You blink, but it’s too late – the sand has infiltrated your contact and when you blinked, it forced the lens out. You frantically look in the sand for the tiny, perfectly clear contact, but cannot locate it. Magruder Laser Vision wants you to know we can help you permanently fix your summertime versus contacts problem with an Orlando LASIK procedure that will have you seeing the feathers on passing seagulls at the beach.

By the end of many summer nights, your contacts have adhered directly to your eye, causing discomfort and great difficulty in their removal. Dry eyes are a huge problem in the summer because of Florida’s powerful sunshine, ocean breezes, air conditioning, and long days. Add to this the inevitability that you simply do not blink often enough and your eyes become dry rather quickly. Unless you carry a bottle of saline solution with you, taking out your contacts every night may be a struggle.

When you slather your body with sunscreen, you often take care to add lotions specific for your face and meticulously dab your cheeks and forehead. It does not matter how careful you are, though, because when you sweat, the sweat on your forehead will drip to the corner of your eye and bring a little bit of sunscreen with it. This is not harmful to your eyes, just extremely uncomfortable.

Grasses tend to bloom during the warm summer months, which wreaks havoc on your allergy symptoms. Your instinct is to scratch your itchy, sore eyes, but the allergens are further stimulated when you rub them, and they adhere to the surface of your contact lens as well as your eye.

Make this summer your summer to improve your vision by investing in a LASIK procedure at Magruder Laser Vision, and say goodbye to all the heartache your contacts have caused. The Orlando LASIK team at Magruder offers a free consultation to see which procedure best fits your specific needs. Call 407-843-5665 for an appointment and read our blogs for an in-depth look at many of the procedures Doc Brock offers.