Digital eye strain is a coin termed by ophthalmologists to describe the effect that staring at screens has on eye health. From televisions and computers to smartphones and other handheld devices, many people spend the better part of a day staring at screens. Vision correction specialists have some helpful tips for helping you combat digital eye strain. Eye strain is caused by using your eyes for extended periods of time without giving them a break. This includes but is not limited to long drives, activities requiring intense focusing, smoking, or not using prescribed glasses.

Digital eye strain is a newer version of this phenomenon, which occurs when people spend a long time looking at glowing screens. Some of the reasons for digital eye strain include blinking less and sitting too close or too far from the screen. Although digital eye strain doesn’t appear to have any negative, long-term effects, it does cause symptoms including watery or dry eyes, blurred vision, itchy or burning eyes, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

For many people, avoiding staring at a screen isn’t possible because so many occupations require heavy screen time. Try these quick, free, and easy tips to help you avoid symptoms of digital eye strain:

  • Rest your eyes for 15-30 seconds at a time by simply covering them with your hands, creating a dark and restful environment for your eyes.

  • Look from side to side, left to right, focusing on an object, five times in a row.

  • Do the same thing, but look up and down.

  • Try a diagonal direction.

  • Roll your eyes, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Repeat.

  • Change your focus. Use your finger, a pen, or pencil and concentrate on it in the distance, then continue to focus on it as you bring it closer to your face.

  • Squeeze your eyes open and shut a few times in a row.

For more eye health tips, consult our doctors at Magruder Laser Vision for ways to improve your eye strain, vision, and other concerns.

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