An allergic reaction is an overreaction from your body’s immune system to something from the environment that it is exposed to. Allergies can be due to certain types of food, pollen, pet dander, or medication. The immune system may respond to some of these allergens by affecting the conjunctiva, which covers the white part of the eyes, causing your eyes to become red and irritated. These symptoms can sometimes involve specific portions of your eye as well. Your first line of defense is to determine the cause of the allergy, and visit the Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision in order to treat the symptoms associated with your body’s reaction to the allergen.

Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis

The conjunctiva of the eye is the lining of the inner portion of the eyelids and the front portion of the eye. Irritation of this membrane is known as conjunctivitis. Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis occurs in the high-pollen seasons of spring and fall, while perennial allergic conjunctivitis generally involves animal dander, dust mites, pollution, and insect droppings and symptoms tend to persist year-round.


Prevent allergic conjunctivitis by closing windows during high pollen times, checking local weather stations for pollen updates in your area, and turning on the air conditioner. Make sure to replace the filter in your air conditioner monthly during pollen season. You can also use a dehumidifier to control mold, wash your hands after playing with any animal, and vacuum frequently if you have a reaction to dust mites. Depending on the severity of your reactions to dust mites, it is recommended to vacuum and dust daily if symptoms persist.


Treatments for either form of allergic conjunctivitis includes: allergy eye drops, antihistamines, cool-eye compresses, and removal of contact lenses. Be careful with eye drops and antihistamines since they can worsen symptoms if used longer than a week. Visit your Orlando ophthalmologist at Magruder Laser Vision for symptoms that persist after initial treatment.

Contact Magruder Laser Vision to determine if your symptoms are related to allergies or something different. Many allergy symptoms mirror eye disorders, so scheduling a visit to  an Orlando ophthalmologist is imperative to accurately diagnosing your eye problems.

Keep your eyes feeling great during allergy season with these suggestions. If the Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision diagnose allergic conjunctivitis, an allergy specialist may be able to offer relief with prescription medications. if you note any visual changes caused by an allergic reaction, contact Magruder Laser Vision at 407-843-5665 for an appointment.