You aren’t imagining things, and you are certainly not losing your mind! If you have been seeing little black spots, wispy lines, or even fragments seemingly “floating” in your field of vision, you really are. The medical terminology for this phenomenon is myodesopsia. While many floaters are eventually reabsorbed and disappear, in certain instances, laser eye treatment is necessary to remove the obstruction and restore vision. The team at Magruder Laser Vision wants you to know what’s going on with your eyes and to help you to explore available treatments for these annoying little blobs.

Floaters”, as they are commonly referred to, are actually pieces of detritus (debris) in your eye. They can be a miniscule collection of cells, blood cells, or other infinitesimal particles that pass through the vitreous (the water/jelly-like fluid behind the cornea) and kind of clump together. If you’ve been paying attention to when you see these floating particles, odds are you have noticed that they are more apparent when you are out in the sun, looking at something bright, or viewing something that has a white background. The reason they are more noticeable then is because the debris blocks light from reaching the retina at the back of your eye. It’s kind of similar to an eclipse. Since the debris is constantly moving around within the vitreous, they appear to float.

The floaters that you have become accustomed to are usually more of a nuisance than an indication of something serious. However, patients who notice new onset floaters or those associated with flashing lights or the appearance of a ”curtain” across their field of vision should be aware that these particular symptoms may be associated with retinal tears or retinal detachment or other serious problems. Patients who are alerted to these types of symptoms should have a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible.

There are a few things that can increase the risk for developing floaters. Keep in mind, though, the true number one reason is that as we age, the vitreous changes in consistency; it kind of thins out a bit, which allows for more debris to become trapped in it. As a result, floaters are more likely to develop. Other than being really annoying, making you doubt your sanity, and being another sad reminder that you are growing older, they are usually nothing more than a nuisance. Some of the other risk factors for developing myodesopsia are:

  • Injury or severe trauma to the eye

  • Diabetic retinopathy

  • Inflammation of the eye

  • Complications that may arise from cataract surgery

  • Being nearsighted

If floaters become more of a disruption and less of a simple annoyance, patients should seek options for treatment to discuss restoring their sight. Magruder Laser Vision is the premier practice in the Central Florida area when it comes to eye health and restorative treatments. Our team care about you and the health and vision of your eyes. Our doctors meet with every patient and personally discuss their situation and customizes a treatment plan.

Laser eye treatment may be one solution to disrupting floaters and even eliminating them. It’s kind of futuristic to think about, but the specialized laser actually breaks up the debris which makes them much smaller and almost, if not totally, invisible. Give us a call at 407-843-5665 and let Magruder Laser Vision help you get to unobstructed, clearer vision.

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