LASIK procedures have advanced dramatically since they were introduced in the 1990s. At that time, LASIK was only appropriate for patients with myopic vision (nearsightedness.) Patients suffering from hyperopia 9farsightedness) or astigmatism were not candidates. Many people think that astigmatism still can’t be treated! Nowadays, LASIK has advanced far beyond its humble beginnings. Patients of Magruder Laser Vision can now anticipate a 99% effective rate for LASIK procedures compared to an 80% effective rate 25 years ago. Patients realize visual acuity that was not thought possible. The following information explains how advanced LASIK treatments exceed the expectations of Orlando LASIK patients every day.

Advanced LASIK Goes Beyond the Basics

Traditional LASIK is based on the prescription for your contacts or glasses and provides relief from wearing glasses or contacts for many people. If this was the only form of LASIK available, the results would be fantastic, patients would be thrilled, and doctors would have a stellar reputation. However, the advances in technology have created an advanced form of LASIK that can clear any of the small anomalies many patients note with traditional “basic” LASIK procedures; focusing difficulties and the dreaded “halo” effect around lights at night that is common with astigmatism and other eye disorders.

Small Abnormalities are Addressed

If you can imagine the surface of an eye with excellent vision as a balloon, you would note no divots or imperfections on the surface. These small imperfections can cause blurry vision after even the best basic LASIK procedure. And the rougher the surface, the more difficult it is for you to see clearly. Advanced LASIK maps these tiny aberrations on the cornea and lens to correct the refraction of light as it hits any of these small, abnormal areas, bouncing in directions that are not conducive to perfect vision. This template allows a computer-guided laser to gently correct these aberrations and better focus the light as it enters the eye.

Advanced LASIK Results Outshine Traditional LASIK

Results of advanced LASIK are phenomenal. Patients report better vision than they ever experienced with prescription glasses or contacts. Vision is sharper and clearer at every distance. Many pre-LASIK patients suffer the effects of poor night vision, especially as they age. The agonizing “halo” effect around streetlights and oncoming headlights make it difficult and scary to drive at night. Double vision and blurred vision are also more dominant at night. These negative nighttime problems are alleviated with advanced LASIK, giving night drivers more confidence and freedom.

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