The fun-filled days of summer are upon us, and it is time to visit amusement parks, swim, play in the sand on the beach, and enjoy the great outdoors! But first, where are your glasses? And did you order that extra set of contacts before you packed your bags? Magruder Laser Vision offers Orlando LASIK procedures for those of us who prefer to leave some of the worries of eye care long behind us.

  • Vacations

Remembering glasses, sun shades to cover prescription glasses, contacts, contact lens solution, containers, and all the other items associated with poor vision is difficult. No matter how organized you are, one item is notoriously missing when you unpack at your destination.

  • Amusement Parks

Your children are thrilled. “Look!” seems to be the command of the day, and you try mightily to identify what their young eyes are taking in as your eyes strain to see through contacts or prescription lenses.

  • Swimming

Should you see in the water and risk losing your contacts, or should you remove your contacts and risk being injured by not being able to see clearly? Decisions, decisions.

  • Beach

This is one very long stretch of sharp, pointed grains of sand. Your eyes can already imagine how just one of those billions of grains feels lodged between your eye and your contact. To add insult to injury, sand is never quite removed from wet hands, so rubbing your eyes for relief just increases the pain. Then you look at the crashing waves and sigh. That is a whole lot of quickly moving water that could wash out not one, but both contacts in a second.

  • Hiking

Your friends are excited about hiking Florida’s trails. You wonder how long you will be able to see once the heat and humidity cause your glasses to slide down your nose or fog over. And watching sweat drip down the inside of your glasses is such a thrill. How do you wipe off sweaty glasses when all your clothes are likewise saturated?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Magruder Laser Vision has a cure for all these summertime bothers: LASIK. After your vision is corrected by a LASIK procedure, you can enjoy life without worrying about losing contacts, breaking glasses, the constant struggle of packing eye gear, and almost seeing clearly. The ability to notice not trees, but the leaves on the trees are exceptional. Reading a menu board will bring a smile to your face as the letters no longer meld together in blobs. Contact the Orlando LASIK experts at Magruder by calling 407-843-5665 for a free consultation.