You wake up in the morning ready to hit the road to train for your upcoming 5K run. After washing your face, you grab your glasses and admire how great they look. Nothing can stop you today…or can it? Magruder Laser Vision’s leading Orlando ophthalmologist, Doc Brock, has performed thousands of LASIK procedures on weekend warriors and professional athletes to help them train better without the impediment of glasses. Below are experiences you’ve likely had while exercising with glasses that interfere with your peak performance.

  • Ready, sweat, there they go!

Glasses are great for visual acuity until your face begins to perspire. Then, the race is on to see if you can catch your glasses as they tumble down the bridge of your nose to a gravity-induced meeting with the pavement. Watch your step!

  • Foggy Mornings

If your glasses are perfectly fitted, sliding off your nose may not be a concern. You have another issue; the difference in temperature on either side of your lenses may cause condensation to form on the interior surface of your glasses. Wiping them off becomes more and more difficult as your clothes saturate with perspiration, but you can’t seem to turn off the sweat.

  • Framed!

Aerobics and glasses are just not great friends. The frames keep a rhythm distinctly different than your body’s, which means your frames slam down as your nose is headed up. This is crash course collision repeated dozens of times over the course of a minute.

  • Sunny Side of Life

The sun is blazing and you have to make a decision – again – as to whether you would rather protect your vision by wearing sunglasses with UV protection or see the road ahead by wearing your prescription glasses.

  • Wet and Wild

On the days where rain is abundant and you are caught in a sudden downpour, your glasses reflect every drop they encounter and the world becomes so distorted it is impossible to safely cross the street. It seems Florida is not the prime location for eyeglasses.

At this point, you just throw in the towel and give up wearing glasses entirely while you exercise, jarring yourself down the road as you step crookedly into every small crevice and pothole winding down your street. Don’t be discouraged, though, because Magruder Laser Vision has the answer to your woes; invest in an Advanced LASIK correction procedure to give your eyes the sights they have been missing, without the inconvenience of viewing the world through sliding, bouncing, fog-bound lenses.  Call the Orlando ophthalmology team at 407-843-5665 to schedule a free consultation today. Your approach to exercise has never looked so good as when it is seen through LASIK-treated eyes.