Did you know that some type of vision loss will affect nearly everyone at some point? Sight is a precious sense that too many take for granted. The leading ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision have seen patients with a variety of treatable and untreatable eye problems in their decades of experience. Look at just 4 common eye problems and the many different ways your eyes could be affected.

  1. Cataracts

    are a clouding of the lens, which affects vision. They are among the most common of all eye problems and one of the few that can be completely treated. A LASIK procedure clears the cataract and can also restore vision in some cases. For most people, cataracts are inevitable as a result of genetics and they can also be caused by UV exposure and eye traumas.

  2. Keratoconus

    isn’t as well-known as cataracts but is another condition that can be very serious if left untreated. Weakened collagen structures in the cornea can eventually lead to collapse. In late and advanced stages, a cornea transplant is necessary. With regular eye exams, keratoconus can be detected early and treated with minimally invasive procedures.

  3. Diabetic Retinopathy

    is a side effect of diabetes. The condition refers to the changes in the blood vessels of the retina caused by prolonged high blood sugar levels. Millions of Americans are affected with diabetes and millions more are prediabetic, while others remain undiagnosed, indicating that incidents of diabetic retinopathy is on the rise as a result.

  4. Macular degeneration

    is actually the leading cause of blindness, characterized by damage to the macula (the area of the retina that perceives light). This disease is more common in females. Other risk factors include age, smoking, and family history. There is no cure but treatments can help to slow the progression of the disease.

Booking an appointment with an Orlando eye surgeon can help to screen against the advancement of common eye problems and is essential to maintain healthy eyes.

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