Being a tourist destination has the advantage of drawing in fantastic visual and performing arts spectacles from around the world. Appreciating these fine arts is much easier when they are viewed through LASIK-corrected eyes. Visiting the following fine arts spectaculars without consulting Magruder Laser Vision first may mean you’re missing much of the experience. Find out what you’re missing by contacting the Orlando ophthalmology team at Magruder Laser Vision.

  • Frida Kahlo at The Dali

This exhibit encompasses interior and exterior collections of photographs, drawings, and paintings inside the museum and flowers and plants showcasing Kahlo’s personal collection from her Mexican home, Casa Azul, outside in the Avant-garden. Kahlo’s art reflects her strong femininity, struggle, and perseverance; it also explains how her art lifted her to choose personal clothing and carry herself as if she were the personality she drew in her art.

  • The Orlando Ballet

The ballet completes its 2016-17 season in the coming months with two stunning performances, including Masterworks – a perfect fusion of music and dance with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra accompanying Orlando Ballet’s outstanding ballet troupe. From renowned musical master, Tchaikovsky, to phenomenal choreographer, Twyla Tharp, all aspects of your experience are surpassed with outstanding motion and sound. A Cinderella Story imagines a favorite fairy tale as if it occurred in the 1950s. A live jazz orchestra led by Winnipeg bandleader Ron Paley accompanies this new twist on an old tale.

  • The Orlando Museum of Art

Check out this showcase of visual art exhibits, including an exhibit featuring the three generations of artists in the Wyeth family along with other selections from Maine’s Farnsworth Art Museum. Four additional paintings from ‘Bo Bartlett adorn the walls of the Mr. and Mrs. Chesley G. Magruder Gallery.’ These works are best viewed through extremely sharp vision because they redefine “thinking outside the box” with their unusually sharp contrast to reality. For those who love contemporary art, visit the Dr. Robert B. Feldman Collection of Contemporary Art on display at the Lockheed Gallery II until May 2017. Presented as “Who We Are Now,” these selections cover art and artists from around the world: Japan, Pakistan, the United States, India, and more.

These three artistic venues are just the tip of the iceberg in Orlando’s lineup of events in the coming months. No matter your passion, the ability to focus in low-light conditions, bright and spacious areas, at a distance, or close up will be enhanced with Magruder Laser Vision’s LASIK vision enhancement procedure. Give Magruder’s Orlando ophthalmology experts a call at 407-843-5665, and read our blogs to learn how Doc Brock and his team are Correcting Vision – Changing Lives!