When you search online for LASIK surgery in Orlando or any other city, there’s a good chance you’ll see listings for “LASIK as low as $250 per eye” or “up to 50 percent off.” You might feel like you just won the lottery. But before you pop open that bottle of champagne, it’s a good idea to put on your skeptic goggles and read the fine print.

This eye-catching coupon ad is a come-on to get you through the door. Once you get to your consultation, there might be a lot of add-ons you didn’t bargain for. Typically, only a small percentage of candidates qualify for the low prices in discount lasik ads.

Do you have astigmatism? The cost just climbed. Post-op care? That’ll be extra.

And here’s the thing most people don’t know. The term “LASIK” gets tossed around as a general descriptor for laser vision correction in general. But it’s only one of many different solutions, including SMILE, Advanced Surface Ablation, and Implantable Contact Lenses.

The ideal candidate for those advertised procedures is someone who has very little or no astigmatism and needs only a slight correction through laser vision surgery. In other words, the best candidates for these ads are people who technically may be slightly farsighted or nearsighted, but who might not even be considering LASIK. If you are one of those people who can pass the driving test without a prescription, then you might qualify for the discounted price.


If you’re shopping around for laser vision correction, ask your provider what’s included in the advertised price and what is considered an extra. Ask if the quoted cost of your surgery includes the following:

  • Office Visits

  • Additional technologies beyond LASIK

  • Does the fee vary depending on how much correction you need?

  • Does the fee cover correction of astigmatism?

  • Follow-up enhancements or retreatments

  • Surgical materials

  • Anesthetic, eye drops, and post-surgery medication

  • Facility fees

As a final note, please don’t make any assumptions or jump to conclusions based on what someone else told you about their experience with laser vision correction. No two patients have the same set of answers. At Magruder Laser Vision, we offer a variety of highly customized surgical procedures to enhance your vision. We aim to improve your lifestyle and potentially free you from the hassle, expense, and fashion challenges of contact lenses and glasses.

And when one of our doctors outlines your recommended treatment, and our team gives you a price, you can rest assured that there won’t be any “gotchas” on the final bill.

To schedule a free consultation at Magruder Laser Vision, please call 407-843-5665 or book online now.